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Yeah sorry quote we have high hopes when it comes to that title talking about cyber palm the campaign the marketing campaign well surely be more expensive than in the case of witcher three but it is to really discuss the details it closer we are to the premier the more precise expectations become and then we will know more or less how much we want to spend on promotion this is the standard in the business there you go folks you got it right there ironclad headline they're going to spend more on promotion for several punk twenty seventy seven than they did on the witcher three do you keep finding these news yes doesn't need it locked it in because everyone knows oh well i was gonna say they need to be educated on these are two different franchises nobody witcher three was so such like a critical claim that i feel like people are just going to everyone's gonna by saturday will twenty seventy seven so it's going to be successful game we're all gonna love it much fan fantasies kind of hiring because like game of thrones it was the third whicher yes this is the first several tweets we've all been there actually might be a rude awakening here we go oh yeah blade runner didn't do so great i mean i think it did find that it was it didn't do fine the movie why the failure didn't do mine because you couldn't be there i wouldn't saw twice but why no i'm saying didn't do fine because you either you can do it in touch joy you can't even if you talk his joy the woman yeah joys the hologram woman i'm looking into armas so john's right this game will revolutionize pop culture and as we know it because we'll finally understand what living the perfect life is once we're sitting here playing cyberpunk twenty seventy seven probably about a week from now that's what i guess next mony threes so yeah next to we're all going to be twenty forty nine hundred fifty million dollars that yet twenty nine yes worldwide made two hundred and fifty nine million that's really it's that is absolutely how much did the sad rule i agree it's a great movie to wait too long he got to do it.

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