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Jackie Kelly, Jason, Eric discussed on Piecing It Together Podcast


Yeah. So, yeah, the one that I love a lot to know a lot of people, they give that movie crap because people hate that like they feel that the movie teats them in a way. Because of this twist. But for me, that movie totally works and the twists works. But you know, I kind of feel like that the lead actress and then in this movie, Jackie Kelly, she kinda even looks like the lead actress death from high-tension. You know, she has stored pixie blond hair, which interesting thing though about a Jackie Kelly is that this is actually the first feature that she's ever been in and. Funny thing is that she actually, I think she just had finished film score. Maybe she still infants school, but she was a fan of Eric's and she actually of contacted and said, hey, I really love your movies. I wanna I wanna I wanna work on one of your movies, whatever your next project is. Let me know. I'll be there. I'll serve coffee. I'll do whatever. You know, I'll be runner. I just want to be a part of it. I wanna help. And so they actually ended up meeting with Jackie and they just like hit it off with her. This would be airi'q in Jason, Kris, which he's the the other star. This movie who was also the producer and actually Jackie, Eric, and Jason actually wrote the movie. So she started out as somebody that was just gonna volunteer to work on whatever project they had going on. And she actually ended up helping write the script and then. They were like, okay, well, we're going to produce it. So they wrote it, they're gonna produce it, and then they weren't even think that she was actually going to be in the movie. And then at some point, just clicked with era. These, you know what you should start in this on it I, she was like, oh, I don't know if I want to do that. There's a little bit too much, but then ended up taking the part in. I just like, I think he's perfect for it. And again, like I said, I felt like her loc- a kinda nods to two high-tension not only does is there that that nod to it, but also of course, tension. Is dealing with some sort of, you know, mental disorder of some kind. Obviously, there's lots of hallucinations and things of that nature, and you're dealing with a very, you know, off balance person who is actually a, you know, homicide maniac..

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Jackie Kelly, Jason, Eric discussed on Piecing It Together Podcast

Piecing It Together Podcast 2 years ago

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