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Frankly, this is not coaching searches used to take weeks, so it's not like this is going slow by any means, but people they want the stability, like nerd aversion, they want answers. The name that seems to be perking up percolating the most right now is Brent venables, the Clemson defensive coordinator who was at Oklahoma with bob stoops for a long time and the interesting twist there would be, it's not like he left on great terms. He left because bob brought Mike stoops back. His brother to be the defensive coordinator or the main defensive coordinator. So I guess the question is, has time healed those wounds? That'll be a good question. I do think he's a real candidate there. He's done really well at Clemson. You know that joke istic Leon is not shy about hiring a first time head coach because he did it with bob and that worked out great. And then he did it with Lincoln and that worked out great. So he also has a reputation of being a tremendous recruiter. So there's a lot to like there. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised this is a name I haven't heard much, but I would not be surprised if they looked at Mike elko. He's a really good defense coordinator. He's been up for head coaching jobs. He's not Texas and I'm now. Obviously knows the SEC, that transition probably would be hard for him. I've heard that Shane beamer is somebody they would are considering over at South Carolina. Remember, he was there in one surprise me when I heard about that. It would or would not. That would surprise me. Okay. He had one 6 and 6 season in South Carolina and I was ready to be the head go to Oklahoma. That's fair question. I mean, look, I think the 6 and 6 season was better than probably something people expected. Don't get me wrong. There's a lot to like about him. As a candidate, it's just, I don't know. Things seem to be he seems to be on some sort of rapid ascent right now. What do you think of Barry Switzer's dream candidate? And I think it's likely. I think that that's a higher that you make to make a splash. I don't know that that's the best hire for Oklahoma. And look, Mike, so far has probably done as well if not better than I could have expected him through two seasons of Mississippi state. But they went 7 and 5. You need somebody who you feel very confident can lead you into the SEC and contend for SEC championships. One thing that's an interesting storyline that's starting to develop here is Matt Campbell, whose name is probably been mentioned for this coaching carousel more than any other coach. Camera close on USC. They get ended up getting Lincoln Riley. He's not going to be the next coach at no name. So then people immediately turn to Oklahoma as the next possibility. If that doesn't happen, it's becoming more and more likely that he's still the Iowa state coach next year. And I just don't know how that relationship will be when school's fan base to start to get a little feel a little bit burned when they know that the coaches trying to get out. Well, I don't know how vigorously Matt Campbell would have gone after Washington if at all. I don't think he was interested in LSU or Florida or at least I don't think that was a something that was discussed. I know he's had opportunities to go NFL in past year. So I think he's going to be, I think like a lot of coaches even probably like to some degree like Luke fickle. I think he's going to be picky on where he wants to go, but I would have thought if USC was coming, I think that would have been a tough decision for him to make. I think if Notre-Dame were to ask. And I think that would have been a tough decision. Given the jobs that are left out there, and Oklahoma is an interesting one just in the fact that if you don't know what other dominoes might end up, we don't open it. But he is, you know, he's a three time big 12 coach of the year. He has beaten Oklahoma more than once. He knows that league and obviously they're not going to be in that league too much longer. But still, I would think if your joke is to glean, I don't know how you don't really strongly consider him. Right. Man, imagine if I told you back when USC and LSU fired their coaches that, in this, again, we're not there yet, but if it does turn this way, turn out this way. If I told you that Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly would change jobs. But Matt Campbell will still be at Iowa state next year in Lukaku will still be a Cincinnati next year. I'd have been very surprised. Yeah. You said there were some other playoff question you wanted to ask? Yeah, so it is related to the CFP expansion. There have been meetings this week in Dallas. I think and you can correct me if I am wrong on this. I think there was a heavy expectation that we are almost certainly going to get playoff expansion into 12 teams out of this. Was everybody wrong to believe that? Or you tell me? I think everybody was right to believe that until Oklahoma in Texas left for the SEC. And then I don't think we anticipated just how much that would end up impacting these discussions. But I gotta tell you, it's getting ridiculous. I mean, I had been told a couple of weeks ago that that meet that December 1st meeting that just came and went that they felt like they had to make a decision. Because if they don't, they're running out of time to because you have to renegotiate bold deals, you have to negotiate a new TV contract, that they're running out of time to implement something before the current contract is out. December 1st comes and goes, they decided nothing. They are still at a stalemate and the stalemate seems to be. Everybody agrees they should expand it. But there are now conferences that are not relenting on wanting 8 teams instead of 12. And there are conferences that when I say conferences I'm referring primarily to the alliance conferences. That want it written, you remember the original proposal was 6 the 6 highest ranked conference champs. Whatever conferences those may come from. Probably in practice, it's still going to be the power 5 and one group of 5, but you never know possibility of two group of 5. Well, the alliance conferences wanted written in the document in the constitution, if you will, that they themselves get automatic access. And obviously the group of 5 doesn't like that. So we're at a stalemate. And Ross dollinger put up what I thought was a very telling and creative flow chart. Did you see this? I didn't. I'm going to have to I'm going to have to Twitter search it now. Yeah, he tweeted this really, I'd say I'm using, but also kind of mind numbing flow chart of basically. Pull it up here. I see it. Yeah, so it makes it really crystal clear, right? How many teams are involved? 8 or 12. And then under 8, how many aqs? If it's 6, no, the SEC among others won't vote for it. If it's less than 6, then the group of 5 won't vote for it. So 8 seems dead in the water, but let's go over to 12. Who gets a Q's? Power 5 champs and the highest ranked group of 5 champ? No, AAC and others won't vote for it. Okay, 6 highest ranked champs. No, at least the ACC and Big Ten won't go for it. So we're at a stalemate. And if that still may continues.

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