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Joined as always by Alex Barr. Today is our Q&A edition of the program. So if you have patriots questions, you know the drill, go ahead and fire away in the chat and we'll get to as many questions as we possibly can over the next hour or so. The Patriots are back on the practice field today. I believe we are not out there, unfortunately, but we will be next Tuesday is the next session that is open to the media and then mandatory mini camp is the following week June 7th through June 9th. It's part of believe that we're already kind of at that part of the off season already where we're into mandatory mini camp and we're gonna talk a lot about OTAs and what we saw on Monday and what we might think we might see over the next couple of weeks and I wanted to start with the rookies because I think that that's always a fun topic and this time of year is the first glimpse that we get at the rookies for the Patriots. So we can just work our way on down here, but I actually want to start with taekwon Thornton. I think what we saw at a coal strange is more or less what we expected. We'll get into cold strange here in a second. I want to skip him and get into taekwon Thornton. We talked about it a little bit in Tuesday's show when we recap Monday's practice, but Thornton wasn't doing much in Monday's practice during team drills. So it was not injury related. He just is coming along slowly. I guess it's the only way that you can really describe it or they're bringing him along slowly. I like the point that you made about how they didn't do that with Nikhil Harry and his rookie training camp and his rookie OTAs. And maybe they're trying to be a little bit better about the development of taekwon Thornton, but what's your overall reaction to Alex to the fact that they dropped to this receiver 58th overall. He clearly has speed and things that bring that he can bring to the table that would help the offense. And they're taking it slow with him, at least to start. Yeah, I like it again. Do the antithesis of what happened with Nikhil Harry. It's true in an extent, of course, at the same time, right? They can't still be working him in in November..

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