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You just take the best player and figure it out later. And I think that our debate is clearly that guy. Well, the one best player that they can't touch would be Zion has season. Yeah. He's in. Boy, he looks bouncy is hell, but I mean, he's always looked as hell it's just the other stuff that goes along with it. Yeah. Yeah. No. He doesn't fit them at all. That's the one guy that I don't think they by taking Carter last year. I think they preclude themselves from taking Zion unless it's you know, that that would just be that'd be a weird set. So with what they have a redundant it. But I think there are some those two I think Barrett makes a ton of sense radish would be interested in Shoka Nasiri little down in North Carolina. So it's got to be a one or three. I would think. Yeah. I mean, if you're slotting Levin and at the two, and that's pretty much all he can do right. Yeah. I like the look again, it's it's kind of a little bit contingent on done or else you could potentially play like a three guard ish lineup. Yeah. I think that you're looking at a one or a three I don't think you take another big, man. I think that would be just a total waste of a pick. So and ideally, it's a one I mean 'cause you took in it. I think just in. They hope would if he's not a six man would potentially be starting for them at the three longer term. If he is as good as you say could be that's just I don't I don't know that. I mean, obviously again, we're gonna play a whole season college basketball. So a lot can change. But I don't know who that guy is unless unless you can talk yourself into Quinton Grimes Kansas being a one I know he's kind of more of a combo. Don't like Darius garland defender build. I think he's too weak. I don't love trae Jones at too. I think he's got a lot of ties limitations. What about reddish? Do. You think? He he furnishes six nine. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's three he's a three handles the ball. He's not a one well and the any so passive to that he's going to be one of the most this Duke team generals, obviously can't miss television. Watching reddish is going to be really really interesting because you have to alva- personalities Zion Barrett. And is he gonna get completely lost on that team? And will that allow him to play to his worst characteristics, which are the nonchalance style? The kind of drives people crazy. I just I don't know. I don't know the Duke was the place to go for camera to maximize his potential. I see what you're saying. I think he's good for them. Like, I think for Duke when you look at those first of all you just take the best guys. They clearly that this year. But you know, I think he is good for them because they have Williamson and obviously Barrett. So they could use a little passivity. On that team when it comes to head the ball. But I I agree for as long term to dominate you would've liked to see reddish go somewhere where he could have kind of been the focal point of an offense. What would have been great Villanova Villanova where he grew up around there. Right. He sure did. He sure did. But no hard feelings if you can go to congratulations. Whatever. Anyway, bitter. No, no. Why would it be? Hey, we have we have Bryan on coming next year very excited about that. It's going to be finally these national championships are starting to pay off in terms of recruiting final. I mean in fairness, this is not a team that has been at the top of the recruiting rank the team that has done a lot with four star prospects. Yeah. But that's still pretty good. When you have are you with the best coach in the country. And I mean, yeah, you're definitely seeing it..

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