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Power to power to operation. We got lost Tortuga setting up the trailer right now. You got Cincinnati Circus Given the free rides. I just rode. Yes. You're back on the ground. Isn't that neat? I mean, that was that's really smell right Zip line that has really been safety. I had to sign my life away. Good harness, and you're leaving didn't address so they know where to ship the body and you're good to go. But we are at sundown Gardens. That's the home and garden show on the road. Mr Sullivan. This is pretty cool. I wrote the Zip line. I know it was. It was a scary now one I didn't like the girl at the top had a pin that says yes, I'm a carny. I like that. So that topping to sort of they taking and they just sort of spin that around. Then they drop us. So I would say Europe about 20. I think it's 18 FT. No, it's more like 30 FT. Buddy. We'll have to ask him how tall it is. It's a fun ride, and it's free. Right. So I saw Ah, you know, gold is over there setting up Oh, boy, and I walked by and I didn't see Kevin by saw the band mates and I said, Hey, let me know when you need a cow bell, and they both looked at me like Uh, hey. Kevin hasn't talked to you. Yet. You can think about is the prize is a surprise. It's okay. I don't think Cameron's going to recognize. I mean, I don't think he will acknowledge us because he's in his man. I know he's with his cool Taylor Trio. He's with his cool friends, and he doesn't want, you know, embarrassed. Yeah, I get it. But the old dudes this is I just walked inside Miss Marie's gift shop pad. It is 30% off everything. There's some neat stuff in there. That probably shouldn't be 30% off. I already have my item picked out for show until 11 o'clock. Do you really need to go in there for you? Okay. Can you tell me what the theme will be? Will it be? Seasonal Will the gift give inspirational? Anything in the shop Knowing knowing Danny, he'll bring out like a receipt printer from just looking at this thing, it prints out of coupon. Yeah. Move it, Mario over here in a minute and ask him if he's lost. His mind was 30% off there really 30% off this simile Good, Mario. Come on, over. 239 93 93, please. When you go into and not just here, it's sundown. But any of the gift shops around town that do a Christmas business please, Please, please, When you walk in and You see people, decorators hard at work, putting together magical Christmas displays. Please walk up to him and say, Christmas already a love when you do that tomorrow before we talk about this to say that at least say, what about Thanksgiving? Mario Maria. No Thanksgiving joins us right now, and we're going to give him a Breathalyzer because I don't think he should be doing 30% off. Mario, Did you lose your mind? Perhaps today so far on this idea was that you know I have this wacky owner. I know your wacky owner. Yeah. Yeah, He gets little crazy sometimes, but Hey, decided we needed to do everything 30% off inside that gift shop. I think that's a great deal. Maybe he's trying to make payroll. You don't don't don't ever second guess an owner was a bit nervous. Better go catch, by the way, the guy next time less That man knows more about weeds and chemicals. And don't pay attention to those six fingers. That has nothing to do with it. You know, That's right. There you go. It's gonna be a really attractive tail. Mario a lot going on. You had a new greenhouse. Put on extension. What else? What are the plans now? Well, I think we are hoping to expand our shrub lot. Because we've just been selling shrubs like crazy. So.

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