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Me. The way I see a big club. So history, the popularity means the fans. And the other one means that trophies. If you have those, not only in the national level, but of course, also in the international level, I consider a big club. If you go it for the last 15 years, you will say, okay, Santos is there. Successful. Why? Because they were the second team with more places on the qualify to legal. They are number two also on the semifinals. They are number one in finals. And they are number two with trophies. Last 15 years. So we are getting there. This is the direction. But the time to get the history for you to have big clubs like you have around the world, you will take time. Like Monterey and tigers. Of course, the financial power makes makes a lot helps you a lot like that. But I do believe that they are they are getting on the direction of the big ones, but you need to change at least this three points for you to consider them big. But at the moment, nowadays, they are definitely because you stress a lot on player development especially here at Santos laguna, one of the few clubs that actually stresses that player development. Let me take you for a second to what the Canadian soccer federation is doing. And what the U.S. men's national team is doing. And you see the amount of players being exported. Why aren't more young Mexican players going to Europe? First of all, that's the question of the passport. Maybe maybe because if you don't have a European passport, it can give you can give you less space in order for you to get on the sports and to have the space on their squads according to the rules that you have in Europe on the different leagues. That's one point. The second one, I do believe also that the point of view of the producting players should be on ultimately on the national team. But the national team wins if you form players if you prepare players to be on the Mexican league and get and get there. But you have more in a higher level if you get them to the top 5 in Europe like the U.S. soccer is doing and then they go directly to the national team. So I think you need to change a little bit to the philosophy not only about for creating those players. And there's another point. My criticism regarding even here in Santos and also to the Mexican players go to educate them to know the game. One thing is create one player and you get one play by itself. I think you see the cat the player to know the game. One player that is not educated to know the game is not going to perform good in all the levels in older scenarios in all the contests in all the footballs that you might found. One that knows the game, the adapt adaptation is much more easy. What about your European counterparts when they see the different type of market that league on Mickey's is? It's almost many would say and I would say it's an inflated market. It's not really on par with the rest of the world. When you see those type of prices, does that affect the transfers or the exportation of players here? I don't think so. Because you sell one player a year, let's say by 5 K and that same player can go to Europe with less of that amount. So it's not a question. The question is, once again, is that the people don't know. Don't know the process. Don't know the quality. They don't see the product. They don't see the project. Okay. We just came in here on the first moment. And now, people contact us and ask us more about Mexican players, about players that are playing on the league. We have more that contact. And they ask us, what do you know about this player? What do you know about that player? And because they have someone here that can provide them the right information that they are looking for. I'm curious. I know you know José Mourinho and a personal level. I know you work with them. I know you've seen them as a mentor. Is it a common misconception that he doesn't trust the young player? Or is that pretty on par? I don't know him that well in that level. I do believe that for me, like for him in for all the coaches, edge is not an issue. Aids for me is not an issue. Once again, for me, the knowledge of the game that a young player like 17 years old, 18 years old, 19 years old is showing to you is much more important than the age himself. So if you ever want to play that is mature and understand the game and give you what you want for me, there's no problem with that. I do believe that we chose that should be the same. Bedroom. Thank you so much. Good luck in the season. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you too. Eric, it's so interesting. Whenever you hear somebody from the league side, talk about Major League Soccer. They're always talking about the off field stuff, right? Like how can we catch up to what MLS does off the field? There you hear a perfect example of it. That's my big takeaway from the kaisin interview. Is that MLS is doing something that is making the league clearly more visible in the international space and it's something that ligament is not doing and it's having a clear impact. Yeah. I mean, it's not something new, right? This is something that we've known. It's been harped on for a long time. Liga Mickey's isn't seeing outside Mexico isn't seen outside of the United States, those two places. You don't see it in Europe. He was telling me about how they followed Nani religiously because of what he was doing in Orlando. In Portugal, they had a system set up to follow these players abroad and Major League Soccer was a big proponent of that. You don't see that legal magazine. Also very briefly, if you will, what he said about the coaching when he said about when I come to league I make is I'm challenged by the coach and when he talked about if you're learning the same coach, the coaching experience, you get in the same country experiences, excuse me, as the rest, there's a stagnant line. You're not involved. And I thought that was very interesting. Yeah, one of the quotes that stood out to me and I actually wrote it down while he was saying it, if you don't know the product, you're not going to buy it, right? Because when you think of it, you say, okay, well, MLS is watched in more places than Liga mekis, but what does that actually mean? No, I think that's where you see it. Maybe manifests itself in the most direct way is the transfer fees of players like, well let's go out the examples, right? Of like, Johann Vasquez, very good player,.

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