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So there's a lot going on right now, obviously is giving a big speech tonight about the covid pandemic and new restrictions on that. Why does he think it's important to go to California to campaign for the governor at this point because the election is Tuesday. What was it important election for the Why is it important for the president? Governor needs some continue on well, I would say that the president remains quite popular in California, as he does in Virginia and other states where there are competitive elections this year. Okay, so we know that Joe Biden isn't popular. A nation wide. But I suspect there's an element of truth to that as sick as it sounds. That there is a level of popularity because there's so many people in California for whatever reason that have just been completely duped by left wing policies. And so many of California listen half of the people on welfare in the entire United States. Or Yeah, approximately anyway or in California. Hands. And I mean, obviously, some people need to be. But many people do not need to be So half of the welfare population lives in the state of California. In the entire United States. Biden isn't going to California because he's necessarily unpopular. He's going to California because Gavin Newsom isn't popular. But again, Democrats want to keep this Covid gravy train running because they want to slow the spread three years to slow the spread. They want to make sure that melon voting is just perpetually in existence. But you guys in California have to stand up. You can go to drop off places I wouldn't recommend drop off boxes per se. Oh, I got some information on you on that, so I'll share that in a little bit after scroll through my phone and find it. But there's there's there's places where you can go where your ballots will be a little more secure. Let's go. Let's take a call. Let's go to Rod in Pittsburgh Rod. Welcome to the Larry Elder Show. You've got the mic. Their love your showed. I prayed that Larry wins out there in California. But if you look at everything, Joe Biden has done the two big benefactors of Russia and China Joe bad and surrendered to the Taliban, he knew exactly was doing. I mean, two big benefactors there. Russia and China. Sounds. You'll have missile sites there, you know, but when he was giving it talks too late about Covid, you know he's putting his stretches and conditions on it. In 200,000. People come across that border every month, A J. Every one of those offered a free covid shot a third room decline it as they test positive for whoever he just lets them in cooperation anyway. Yeah, it's so hypocritical. It is it is, Rod. You're You're right, Uh, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan. They're all gonna be there are going to be benefactors. I appreciate the call. Appreciate you being out there. I had a lot of China stuff I wanted to get to. I don't think I'll have time to get to it as in depth as I'd like. Tonight, So we may have to say that for another day. I still have some polling on Biden that I want to go through. But here's a headline for you had tip forgotten man. Proton, Pro China Online network used fake accounts to urge Asian Americans to attend protests. According to researchers, A network of fake social media accounts linked to the Chinese government has attempted to draw Americans out to real world protests. Against anti Asian American racism, which that I would understand and popular but unsubstantiated allegations that China engineered the virus that caused the covid 19 pandemic, according to the U. S security firms, So we'll talk about that. Another day. Perhaps perhaps tomorrow. Um but, yeah, There's no doubt China, Russia. All of these people are going to be the benefactors. We all know it. It's a sad state of affairs. But that's where we're at. Let's go to Philip in Chicago. Philip, Welcome to the Larry Elder Show. You got the mic. Carl Jackson. Where have you been, Man? Wow, Afghanistan. I'm an arch enemy of yours from a couple years back, but anyway We're spending $300 million In Afghanistan for 20 years. I don't know. Somewhere around $10 billion a year or whatever a month. I'm sorry. Okay, so so and we had eight We had eight years of Bush Jr. We had four u eight years of Obama and we had four years of Trump. Right. And now Biden comes in. And you all are concerned about $800 billion in 20 year old equipment or whatever, and and and and and we just had What was it 10 to 13 troops killed. So the little, uh wait, Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Philip, You can't get away with that. Why? Why were the 13th? I'm not exactly sure. I think it was nine troops. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No, it was 13 troops. Why? Why were they killed? Why were they killed? Because the parents the parents are out every virtually every day talking about it, But the mainstream media isn't reporting it. So why were they killed? Why? I mean, it was it was. It was a what was it called? Some type of bomb attack? It was right. But do you on the breaking America? Why? Why did that? Why did why did that transpire? No, I'm not going to let you get a day. Okay, We're breaking down. Okay, So all right, So here's the deal. We were spending and we had James Carafano, owner of the Heritage Foundation, and we were spending less in a year. By the time Trump left office for Afghanistan that we were and then we were spending in one week. Okay. Alright, Audios I want you know, I'm sorry. Hey, Once you do the rock, Rock rock, I'm done. Phil Appreciate the car. I don't We don't do the disrespect. We can have civil conversation. You do. Rod Rod, Rod, You're gone. Adios. I can go back and forth. Don't disrespect All right. Um, listen, here's the Here's the deal. Violent are Joe Biden's approval rating has collapsed at 39%. I want to explain to you why I will actually answer Phillips called, But I just I don't I don't deal well as you guys can see, maybe I need counseling. When people just get on for the sake of being nasty. I can be civil But don't come on and just act a fool and do stuff like that is just not going to happen with me. All right? This is Carl Jackson in for Larry Elder. When we come back Joe Biden's approval rating. Our ratings are.

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