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Not down shots hit free throw but then in the game they had that instant success now. They don't have the competence and with ben he's so passive about it with embiid is not on the floor. This is the different been simply not on the floor. Meaning that he's out with an injury when benn knows he has to be aggressive. He's a different player but by default. When you has in be. He doesn't play this. We saw a couple of games ago to feeding paint downhill. He was rolling. But that's that every now. And then. But now i said i'm not gonna say every now and then that's the roller coaster bid. One game was soon be real aggressive. The next game we won't. That's the pacific. He's so passive as a player at times. That's what frustrates. You frustrates us as basketball fans. Because we see it in him but we don't see consistently up. Yeah it's a little. Like anthony davis when he's engaged. These unstoppable and i don't know. I don't think you can coach stuff like like michael jordan's relentlessness. A coach doesn't get credit for that. Let you know kobe's obsessive nece. A coach doesn't get credit for that like indifference. There's a lot of things to coach can do. I don't think you can coach indifference out of a player. Jim jackson doing game five tonight. Sixers talks you've been doing a great job on this stuff jim. I've been listening to all your stuff. Fox sports good seeing you again buddy. You're seeing you too. I mean there's things you can coach things you can't and it's one of those things i i i. I remember years ago. I was at a like a lunch and there was a child psychologist. She was at launch and she was just talking with people. And i was just kind of listening to it and i had young kids so i was very interested in what she was talking about and she said zero to nine. Is everything if your kids are loved zero to nine their chances of poverty crime plummets if they grow up in chaos zero to nine. You.

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