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Thing about living in the country wait you wait you wait you'll see richard herring so and i was watching a login beat books anyone found a beat bugs in now i've never seen either on the net flicks madore wanted to watch it and it's like answering puma ball sized insects let me say that word insects and and they still opens and they all single you need is love fucking out how did they get the rice this and the whole show is insects singing songs by the beatles what john lennon thick by this free was alive and live to see this trevor simian on control and it's let charles dickens with the muppet christmas carol what would he think of that if he wants he'd go over the technological aspect of being puppets first of all women film up is i think i think charleston's would hate them up it's christmas carol i think he waited is bad in the christmas carol nice way it's kind of weird you're not in control i just an interesting thing it's not a comedy routine is interesting to think that your your artistic legacy like this podcast is similar to the beatles my be appropriate in fifty sixty s times when someone else would you be happy when you think i mean the beatles did a cartoon didn't they remember that they've been the beatles cartoon know anyone remember the beatles cartoon yeah there was one thank you so you know it was bad match us shit shit but it's just interesting anyway so let's crack on just i'm as interested in artistique vision euro as interesting as i am because you're not.

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