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Football players. I mean, obviously, we competed no matter what the situation was needed to go our way, But guys just kept fighting. Well, White certainly has had a tough 2020 season. He lost his dad in a car accident in September. Why did spend all seven of his NFL seasons in the Patriots uniforms winning three Super Bowls? Along the way? He's loved and respected as much as any player in that Patriot locker room. We'll see if this is indeed perhaps his final game in a path uniformed today kick off this afternoon from Foxboro will be at one o'clock. Massachusetts police officer playing Santa and saving Christmas for two women accused of trying to steal groceries for their kids. Officer Matt Lima, responding to a shoplifting called the Stop and Shop in Somerset, the two women with a couple of young kids with them were accused of bagging groceries at a self checkout. Without scanning them. The women said they had fallen upon hard times, and they wanted to provide Christmas dinner for their Children. Officer Lima says he thought of his own kids and decided Not to charge them instead. He used his own money and bought them $250 in grocery gift cards. People arrested in Ashland to police arresting a suspect in an armed home invasion. This was on Buckley Avenue. The homeowner is woken up by the sound of a break in at about 1 50 in the morning. The culprits getting in through an unlocked window. Police say the homeowners fought off the suspects who ran off. One of the residents was Treated at a local hospital. One suspect arrested later in the day on Wednesday, a juvenile arrested a day later, and three people in Cranston, Rhode Island, arrested for assaulting police officers and running one of them over Within a TV police in Cranston, Rhode Island, say about 30. People on motorcycles and eight TVs were driving recklessly on Atwood Avenue just before four Friday afternoon, they say is one officer attempted to arrest one of the writers. He was surrounded by other drivers who circled in a threatening manner. One of the A. T. V S is alleged to have run over an officer's legs. Someone else is alleged to have smashed the police cruiser window. Several other officers suffered minor injuries chasing down suspects. The Boston Globe reporting that the injured officer was brought to Rhode Island Hospital. Police say his injuries did not appear to be serious under arrest 23 year old Cheyenne Boisvert of North Providence, 33. Year old Eduardo Rivera of Warwick. And 22 year old Kimani Mitchell of Providence. They were arraigned Friday evening. Art Cohen WBZ Boston's news radio, the Corona virus pandemic, having a little effect on deadly car crashes in New York City traffic, maybe lighter in the Big Apple. But that doesn't mean the streets are safe for The New York Times is reporting at least 243 people died in traffic crashes in the city and 2020, marking the deadliest year on record since Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced his Vision zero safety program in 2000. 14, experts say people spend more recklessly.

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