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Brilliant team of doctors did a systematic review of over thousand studies done in the healthcare setting and they found that greater compassion greater empathy helps patients to heal as well as providers not burn out but one of the chapters in that beautiful book compassion onyx talked about people who ended their life by suicide and it talked about how that loneliness compassion protective factors in friendships and nurturing. Support. You know can help people to not get in a place of loneliness but in the book they talked about some notes they had from people who tragically into their life by suicide in one note said a man who had ended his life by jumping off a bridge in his in his not said if on the way to the bridge, one person smiles at me, I won't Joe. Terry it. It's when I read things like that I end my training many times with that story and I, say who could bring the one smile tomorrow who could bring the one smile because it's it's you know I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer on this topic. I mean I'm not saying I'm not very smart, but the point is. I don't think we've estimated the value of the empathy and you know we're all in this isolation you go and Walmart to shop people got their headphones on and you know and we're more and more distant and the value of these relationships seized protective factors. You know because that man that day said, all it would take is one smile and I'll reconsider. Yeah. And with with these masks on. People Smile with their is. I mine crinkle up so. You could talk smiling is they get the line. I think I'm getting a few new ones I'm kind of using oil, of Olay, a little heavy, but I saw a program that shit out to some nurses that vanderbilt, charts. Hospital..

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