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Everything you need to know about the celebrities. You don't bobby finger. I'm lindsey weber. And i've got some sad news. Why am awasa has retired after twenty one years of acting. She has retired according to rumors but the fans are convinced. The fans are up so eight. She didn't say it just saying she's done. The agent told the daily mail that she's gone quote dormant and then the source says she has gone underground. She has settling down with leo. We are just supposed to julio that they're laying low. Maybe she wants a family. I mean i would say she should try and have it all but you know i also would say from that twenty one years of acting that i've seen. I think this might be a smart decision. I mean she's she's very beloved by some. I know i mean it's interesting and actually it's interesting because you could argue that. The starring in beauty and the beast remake was maybe some sort of attempt at a escalation of the emma watson. Jared didn't take but it didn't take when you have a coffee and you're still asleep. Take yeah but you still have to have to the bathroom but not you're like it didn't take but i'm seeing so much my friends at once. That's my favorite thing. It was rebecca. Actually she was talking about how she needed another copy and she goes the first one. Didn't take and it's like the funniest thing. I think about it all the time. It's really funny. I think we're i think everyone is pretty much on the same page about emma watson's kind of grown up acting skills like everything else about her. I agree with you. I agree with the stands. I'm gonna play a little bit of. Sarah mclachlan's i will remember you. This is an acting career. Why don't you read her. Why don't you read her. Imdb in full play it. I have to put it in post. But i'll play the live version because i like the i will remember you live version because you get the i will remember you. And then everyone cheers. Wait i love the opening. Listen this is like on economy. A that's always made me laugh. Ever since i was a teenager. Well it's funny because people are like it's very much like that's the part i know. Okay i'm gonna play that. And i'm going to start from the bottom every potter and the sorcerer's stone her miami grainger harry potter and the chamber of secrets grainger every potter and the prisoner of azkaban. Harmony grainger harry potter and the goblet of fire for my grainger. The children's party at the palace. Tv special emma watson harry potter and the order of the phoenix reminding grainger ballet shoes tv movie. Pauline fossil the tale of desperado princess. Pea voice harry potter and the half blood prince reminding grainger harry potter and the forbidden journey video short harmony grainger one night only say you don't want it video shorts lady harry potter and the deathly hallows part. One armani grainger harry potter in the hollows part to reminding grainger my week with marilyn lucky the perks of being a wallflower sam. The bling ring. Nikki this is the in emma. Watson noah isla the biker of dibley the vicar of dibley reverend iris colonia lena regression..

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