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He's not i your nydia now. I can't i just can't it is also this for years old. You've always had the same. I it i can't do it right. I would just say you're stupid and move also think it's interesting to me that you said you don't have to like someone to do a good debate but you have to respect them. I usually don't people. I don't like you you're right. You don't have to respect but if you going into a debate if you gotta be able to feel you can be yourself. And the person you're debating what is going to be at least on par with woodmen. Knowledge is on whatever the subject is. That's what i mean. There's certain people were like. Oh this person has no idea what the i don't respect them as much as maybe would another person so if it's a tricky thing but i don't make a person. I wonder. i wonder what it was about kellerman. That's the i. I don't know what it was. I don't think he listen. I don't watch the. But i don't think anyone would say like max kellerman doesn't know what he's talking like. He follows sports like yes. He may have outrageous opinions. Like if you want to say. I don't know you know derek cards. The best quarterback in the nfl like he's not coming out with like outrageous opinions. I so i. I do wonder if it's personal professional little both i. It's interesting that one person would say. I don't want to have this person debate anymore on the show. But we know that that's really the whole dynamic. I mean. I look if you're stephen a smith and you have the power to choose your partner and you feel like whatever reason it's not working you've had enough of this guy. Look i mean hate to even bring this up. But i know you're a huge fan of it. Mike in the dog one of the reasons why they broke up was because they had enough of it now. They weren't debating each other necessarily but doing a show together. All those years. You know sometimes the personalities gel you get sick and tired of one another maybe got to the point where they warned fiving his friends more connecting in stevenage wanted. It's just not working and let's find somebody else. Now that point i understand. Do think after awhile. You sort of get sick of people and you need to move on they. I think they did it for five years. Which isn't wow long long laws. If i haven't paid attention to what i mean i just don't watch i don't watch it. I understand speaking of watching. Have you watched any of the three episodes of hard knocks on. Hbo for top number. Two on train of thoughts. I am ashamed to say that. I have not all year long. Been saying football season starts when how hard not as you and i talked about it. We couldn't watch it on cuba teams orange one of my favorite shows. I have not a had the time or be made the time to watch it. I do plan on watching a little bit later on this evening but no i have not watched one second of it. I've been completely bored by it. And last night. Tuesday night. You know everyone on twitter was trying to get likes and re tweet. So they kept tweeting. The video of the first three minutes of the drone which was very cool. No it three minutes of the drone which was in fifty seven minutes of complete boringness. So it just there's just just been nothing there and it's like the i was going to use a word but i don't let me let me figure out the the fawning over jerry jones gets..

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