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Got a little red you did all the time but i mean cousin mike apparently i mean he really is starting into a month i thought it was planned i asked rigs like did he tell you to talk about like no he's like no idea just click chocking what else do you think your dad we don't know about he's gotten tommy john underwear he's very into wearing any makeup i did not see come in i it was stunning shocking term events condition i like how they're like yes let's just make up so yeah yeah he goes on and i went to a doctor for the like subscribe no you just give you lori yeah yeah you went to cbs dabbing cosmetics our only when you go side and it's warm you get read right think you're just getting a little bit of sunburn mike and you just wanna wear makeup and you're just old and i don't know why you care what people like us not like guys walking down the street like he's kevin costner i was doing if i'm worrying about my my face and my skin at that age and wearing makeup i mean just kill me there he just strikes me he's like a slob early dress guy he's not he does not see him at the type of even really cares what others things i don't know him obviously very well but i think of him as like a a mild version of larry david and i feel like this is something that if larry david got his hands on make up he would maybe he may i i actually do believe a little bit of this where he thinks he's being perceived as some sort of drunk or something that i could see affecting him like well everyone thinks i'm an alcoholic drink at all.

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