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Constant signal. W T o P News 103.5 FM will never miss a moment. 5 18 traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks, let's go to the traffic center. We'll start off on the Maryland Beltway with the crash on the inner loop of the Beltway, near the Greenbelt Metro Station as you leave at one college park on your way toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway. At last report still blocking the left side. You're getting by to the right with police there with it. The car was fair, apparently facing the wrong way. At one point on New Hampshire Avenue. The crash on South down stretch was near Piney Branch. Roads still have that one in camera and we still have only single file left getting by with a bit of a delay. Coming west on Route 50. As you're leaving the eastern shore of Maryland and the Atlantic Beach is heading home westward. You've got delays from about Thompson Creek Road for about three or so miles to get across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is you've got three lanes available for westbound travelers for you're seeing in the traffic cameras there to Lindsay's bound and no delays in Charles County. The crash on three or 12 south down south of the Route five split for Madeline Bean Town Road like they've taken care of most of that. Driving on the Beltway in Virginia. You're in good shape. 66 eastbound. It's a brief slowdown through theater change of 1 23 95 south of briefs. Later on across the Occoquan 95 North slows out of Thornburg, very heavy in spots bumper to bumper most of the way up through the center Poor Parkway. Its volume only easy pass Things run north on 95 on 3 95 from staffer to the Potomac. District. It was a rolling demonstration going north on Connecticut Avenue, leaving DuPont Circle in the words Hold Now they've made their way up to ST made a left now confined mostly to s street just west of Connecticut Avenue and police are helping with the demonstration and the traffic direction. I'm Jo Conway WCup traffic Now to storm seem fours. Steve Prince of Ali, Steve. Any thunder boomers out they're coming. Oh, yeah, We definitely have something. We've been watching them throughout the course of the afternoon. They've developed.

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