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And supposedly the GM of thunder is a big guy in his hyper metrics and number crunching and stuff. And so. How has that worked out for them? A lot of draft picks is all they care about, apparently. They've got their best player was Kendrick Perkins from here. That was a sheer number crunching. Yeah. Didn't they say they were like, yeah, what you see perk alert doing isn't actually all that he brings to the team. He does have us behind scenes. He's got some leadership. He's got some row. Kendrick Perkins kind of breaks that whole logic because it's like, there's no numbers left. Like you said. I mean, the guy would air ball free throws. Pretty regularly. He would start. Oh, he started. He would dribble the ball off his foot. I mean, there's stuff you can't quantify. Intangibles. He's got them in tanning. He could deal with people on the side of the face really well. And that's underrated. And God, he was on the ESPN the other day. He was the scowl he is, dude. I've ever seen. He's getting scalier as he gets older. So money ball grossed over a 110 million at the box office was a pretty big hit given the nature of its subject matter. We discussed this in the previous episode a little bit that this is almost like the anti sportsman anti baseball movie. It kind of deconstructs the mythology of baseball, brings it down to sheer numbers, brings it down to the spreadsheets. There was a scene in this film, you know, when they're talking to all these scouts. And they're just like breaking it down though. You're saying, no, this is not, we're going off this. I forget a lot of trust the numbers. I was like, we're going to put this guy up, nobody license because he's in a sidearm table. No, I don't like the weirder. It's a weird threat. We don't like to look at it. He's like, yeah, but he's one of the best relief or whatever it is. It's like his numbers now. He gets on base. Yeah. Yeah. So I sets up in the movie, you see a clear conflict between Jonah Hill and his side of things, and then the traditional scouts, the players. And the manager is Philip Seymour Hoffman has made he rest in peace. What was his name in the movie? I can't remember how Gordon Howe, but that doesn't sound. But he looked amazing. He had the manager gut down. And the hair for me. He was just built in that movie to come out of the bullpen. And jab his finger into the chest plate of an umpire. Say some things that aren't quite offensive, but are going to get you riled up, just don't call the guy cock sucker. Don't call him cock sucker. The one thing you can't call him. I think he called him a cock sucker. Yeah. So this is nominated for 6 Oscars. Including best picture best actor best supporting actor Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are both nominated for cadmium awards. It did not win best picture, did it. It did not. Then when anything did it. No, it didn't win any of the Oscars it was not made for. It was the first of two nominations for Jonah Hill. He was not made for this one, and then Wolf of Wall Street. Started his ascent to being a serious actor..

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