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Which basically uses the Hebrew name of God in an innovative. You would probably then call black magical satanic way to dismantle power so the you'll hear and so right now and you know how it's tough and labral this bring us the uttering those into being and so on and you can actually dismantle it by using the words rather ashwell basic question because you can take that from. Usa tool talks about the good side. Another about the bad side in order to avoid the bad side. Which I don't subscribe to or you can even into Harry Potter. The name all the more distant spoken out in order to enable him right. That's right. That's right so biggest. That's exactly the to have that. I I exactly I mean I think you answered partly that third question already but maybe a little more and in a more systematic which are some of the major teachings of adolescent. Well what I found most interesting. The major teach at some of the major teaching saw is basically a type of cyclical also. A unique cosmology like the world. Basically didn't come into being by command. The world was born from chaos. So the idea again. Ties in with the Cosmos Ziona. Exactly so life was already there so nobody wasn't any kind of transit. Wasn't mental transcendental non being which wanted to know it seven get commanded itself into being something like this but there was chaos which is basically a my life in an undifferentiated state and the way the cosmos came into. Being actually was by chance. This is really interesting because Specifically Amazon upset the transmission teachers data in chaos. Of course the sexual the sexual organs or whatever you WANNA call. It were still already present male female and they Randomly met the INFO Basically fertilized chaos and a period of time which they call the first am chaos gave birth to time and space which they called on the God with Venus and built so. It's actually a box cult as well so actually by so sure. So so basically so These these two so that the customer first on the Cosmos Structured into polarities writer has to be a male and a female gods even in they say a God without a god or goddess without basically if they're arnold polarities to basically balance each other There is no God so the God is not painless abilities. But the God the True God is beautiful bills conjoined same later when Adonis born By those two there's donors in Daito wished and also lovers and However I don't is entitled only conjoined are the most powerful couple almost far for God so they would let something if they have the other and this comes into play than so basically what you have is a bird cosmos that is being born rather than created then there is the idea of an so basically the world will go through various phases. Like you know. I is being born on time and space than Donna's and Dino then there's the rule of a surfer and then there's the rule of Donna's entitled again until then the words actually reabsorbed into chaos. So then basically the world ends and then everything is exactly and actually starts again in different ways we have the return the same but different farm bride so basically every everything gets recycled and there will be new gods and new situations And this is really interesting. So you have nothing ever transcendental Daddy Who rules what happens. in the universe have actually fade that rules everything so fades even the gods nothing evades fate. And so it's basically my opinion type flashy losses that took some type of esoteric life was on the nature of this and that.

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