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County say the suspect Centeno leg in allegedly cut through a perimeter fence on the side of the festival grounds bordered by a creek and opened fire several videos posted on social media chronicling when the shots rang out at the annual garlic festival you'll write police chief Scott Smith he says well the government has been killed there are reports of a second person involved is requesting any and all help from festival goers anybody that witness this incident that can tell us anything that took any photographs that perhaps videotape anything three people were killed several others injured in the attack I'm Jim Moret do you think you're safer riding around in an SUV Pennsylvania state police say a deer hit by one car went airborne in the landed directly on the upper windshield of an oncoming vehicle the driver of that issue V. one of the Ohio man was killed instantly his passenger hospitalized with undisclosed injuries the man who first hit the deer was on the injured and this occurred just north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from wallstreet today stocks closed mixed the Dow was up twenty eight points but the S. and P. closed down five W. J. R. news times seven oh five add means it's time to check the traffic which check in again with tire wear we are watching a couple of problems right now I seventy five the south bound at the highway we do have an accident there blocking your right shoulder also if you travel and I ninety four eastbound just before Harper Avenue an accident like the left shoulder their use caution and expect delays in either of those areas I six ninety six east bound between Ryan and growth back keep in mind that left lane is close to due to construction your C. in stopping go slow downs from I seventy five I'm Tyra where W. J. R. traffic and weather first cold front of marginal through tonight and we had a pretty good coverage of storms out there we're tracking on.

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