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People are still going to go to the movies like like Tim said last year made billions of dollars. So anyway, so that that will be interesting, but exciting movie news one of the sleeper hits that honestly, nobody's really expecting edge of tomorrow slash lived. I repeat that to me was my introduction to Emily blunt as an action star like somebody like when I was watching that. It was like she is incredible. So they're now in talks to do a sequel with Tom Cruise and Emily blunt returning. Yeah. I mean that was the article came out just this past week when they're like before like a while ago. Now, they're at least moving member her hearing rumors about anytime, you have success, especially on a film that nobody had the miss. It was after. Something she did it wasn't a quiet place. It was something else about official though, they are moving forward. One of the great comments on somewhere was thing that basically what they do is release the same exact movie but change the last thirty minutes. That would be clever and release it on. I right. Yeah. But I mean, I supervise it back into that world that movie I went into it not expect anything other than Tom Cruise being action star, which he is amazing the movie blew me away. That's great move. I wasn't expecting anything actually quick quick temperature of the room. Do you call it lived, I repeat or taro edge tomorrow that was what it was released as and then there were the tagline was lived. I repeat Ryan foreign markets. That was what sort of go by than they rebranded it for some of the releases lived, I repeat? Yeah. A little poster at the theater, I went to die repeat. And I'm like that's kind of a cheesy name in tiny letters edge tomorrow. Right. What's going on there? I'm trying to remember how you can even make a sequel because when when I heard this news, I was thinking back. I don't know how how we are spoilers of this film. But it has been a few years that has been a few years, but you give too much way. There's a whole plot device. They use that kind of explains the whole groundhog's day thing that we're dealing with. But I got the impression that that was kind of resolved result would have been wrong. I was like what if aid they were wrong or what if there's more than one of those macguffin 's? Okay. I know that we're referring to. Okay, they're very well could be multiple of those throat the world. We just saw one area. Okay. So be I I am totally down for tomorrow to live. I repeat again. Rummy Malik is there. There's a lot of JAMES BOND twenty five rumors recently lupita Longo was rumored to be the new bond woman. She is not going to be that kind of got denounced pretty quickly but Romney, Molly, it went from rumor to now pretty solid thing that he is going to be the villain in this new JAMES BOND film around me absolutely before bohemian rhapsody came out like I have been championing Rami for a long time because he is incredible. Now that he has an Oscar the really opened up the doors, ding. We'd be like bond, I think is just gonna put him in front of more is who might not have seen bohemian rhapsody or seen mister robot. 'cause they're JAMES BOND fans. So that should be great super excited for him. Have you guys seen? It was the that old HBO it was the band of brothers. But it was the one in the South Pacific who's in that nosing. He was in that the first experience with him, and you will not shake the cold creepy nece that he is able to convey in that he plays a super creepy character and trusting and if I if that immediately when I heard bond villain. I'm like if we can have that guy as a bond villain. It'll probably be problem. Best on on villains. We've ever seen his bond needs to go back to just having. Well, first of all, bundy's stubbing almost two ridiculous. But I mean it just. On film, the bond film, but go back to a villain. Where yet all it is is it is acting in the face and being that home cool collected villain versus.

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