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That was Eric Jones in our system Rodriguez the California department of public health says there have been at least ninety eight potential cases of acute lung disease among people with the recent history of vaping and there have been two reported deaths in California one in Los Angeles county and one in to Larry county UC San Diego's doctor lar Crowdy Alexander studies the effects of vaping on the lungs she says hundreds of unknown chemicals could be invade cartridges none of the chemicals there including in their electorates have ever that tested for safety they don't have animals and hail there're chemicals that they're using to make sure that they're not toxic they just put these chemical the solution and sell them doctor Alexander says a common denominator in the cases are vague carts with a mixture of nicotine and T. H. C. but she says the toxicology is still being done or what's causing the long disease let's turn to matters of justice the riverside county district attorney announced Wednesday that a grand jury has declined to indict an off duty LAPD officer who shot it intellectually disabled man and have and when empire cosco in June from KBC are in Stamford and you know Benjamin perper reports the shooting occurred in corona at city an hour and a half from Los Angeles riverside county district attorney my cash and said that Kenneth French assaulted Salvador Sanchez who was holding his infant son in his arms the off duty LAPD officer fired ten rounds killing French and seriously wounding his parents all inside the Costco store the corona police department and the riverside DA's office investigated the incident and presented the case to a criminal grand jury it decided not to indict Sanchez based upon the evidence the A. has been said he wanted the case to be examined by the grand jury to get public input on when deadly force can be used I think that the community should weigh in and should have a say in in setting these kinds of standards Hester declined to file charges saying you consider the process to be fair they'll believe all the French family attorney said in a statement that he plans to file if. civil rights lawsuit in the near future in a statement the LAPD said that its investigation into the incident is ongoing officer Sanchez is currently on paid administrative leave for the California report im Benjamin perper and finally let in by celebrating some very smart Californians the macarthur foundation has announced its two thousand and nineteen fellows the price is known as the genius grants honoring people for their groundbreaking work in a variety of fields three people from California are in this year's group of twenty six fellows they are soo Java but Liga and Oakland attorney who works to prevent prison recidivism among people of color also from Oakland Walter hood a landscape artist who creates ecologically sustainable urban spaces and in Los Angeles Kelly little Hernandez and UCLA.

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