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We have no financial stake or monetary stake with any relationship with the property managers maximum shocked avas yeah yeah we don't of you know we want to be a marketplace we charges small fee for the transactions naturally it that's not to say down the line there might be some some sort of arrangement that we can work out if we offer a premium service or something like that but as of right now it's not contemplated and it certainly non place of any sort of financial motivation between our relationship with the property mentors oil and let's touch on that for a second actually because i think we talked with gary back in november of last year september so we've gotta got a lot of people coming in who have not listen to that original episode don't really know exactly what restock does so you guys are marketplace and let me correct me if i'm wrong you you you kind of get your home's from bigger companies that have like a portfolio of a lot of different homes and then you basically create a platform to give individual investors all the tools they need to invest in single homes with all that data but who's actually paying your fees as it is at the providers those homes or as the investor that actually buys a property offer bruce doc share that's ray question so so roof salk among is it's a curator marketplace for some buyers and sellers of singlefamily rental homes um what we found in in my background along with gary actually worked with gary aback large institutional firm where we acquired renovated managed a by the end of our time there about thirty five thousand homes nationwide will we found is that there wasn't an easy way to sell lease.

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