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You know, a lot of my media friends think Oh, it would be a huge upset for the bills. You get to the Super Bowl. If you just don't go to Kate the city and beat Patrick Mahomes. Andy Reid Hall of Fame coach. Travis Kelsey, probably a Hall of Fame tight end Tyree Kill. That's speed. Receiver in the league. But you know what? You talk about all these things about Kansas City? You know? All on the offensive side of the ball. The one guy on defense that brings it every week for them is Matthew. He's like Apollo Omalu light. For the Chiefs. Lineup anywhere. Do anything always have to be aware of him? Outside of that. I think the rest of the chief's defense Has Failed to meet expectations this year. Guys like Chris Jones, who came on for the Chiefs in the playoffs last year. They're not getting any pressure on the quarterback. So you give Josh Aylin sometime. Then looks like Braille in the corner is out of concussion protocol and he's gonna play tomorrow. It's not like the Chiefs have They don't have a true Davis White like buffalo. They don't have They don't have corners that you like. Who's gonna Fenton is gonna match up with digs. If the bills lose the game. I think it's going to be because Josh Alan, let him down, but it's all there for him. T To be the guy that has the bills, winners of what 10 of 11 Hail Mary Games, the only game they've lost. No, he carried them in the second half. They slayed the dragon in the Patriots. They've They've got the playoff monkey off their back. Beat last year's M V P Now. He needed help in both of those games, But the Colts and Ravens, both of those teams are better defensively than Kansas City. So from that perspective, this is his best matchup. And if he really is a top three quarterback in the NFL, which he was by the numbers this year behind Rogers and Mahomes. I would anticipate Alan Feast on this defense. If he gets B. It's because Patrick Mahomes has the ball last And Kansas City scores a touchdown with like 20 seconds left to win the game. 45 39 something like that. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. I want to know what you think. And the Bills beat the Chiefs. Do you see it happening? 855 to 124227. Now. My producer, Connor Green is in New York, and he is a Jets fan. Sadly. Condolences. Connor. It's a tough life, Andrew. It's a tough life Do you like do you have inside the division? Animus for Buffalo, where You don't want to see them win because they're a team. You play twice a year? No, because I actually root for them because it gives the rest of Jets fans hope that it actually can turn around at some point. Yep. I hear you on that. Yeah, I don't think it's It's definitely not like the SEC thing where when one SEC team goes out. And there's an SEC team in the college football playoff from the national championship. We're in a bowl game. The rest of the conference pulls for the team. I know I'm in Pittsburgh. I don't think we'd ever do that with the Ravens or Browns. But there's just a lovable quotient to the bills. I really believe that because they haven't been here in so long. So we'll take your calls on an accident. 55 to 1 to 4 to 27 Ken. The bills. Beat the Chiefs. You have the audacity. Do you have the courage and the nerve to come on national sports talk radio and predict it. And If bills fans want to do that fine. Get it there in a lather. They're probably half in the bag right now. Three sheets to the wind. But we do have a producer like Connor that screening and make sure that we don't put somebody on their who's absolutely bombed. I understand why bills fans would go nuts and say that Other neutral fans out there. Just NFL fan to think that Buffalo is gonna beat Kansas City can quote unquote shock them this weekend shocked the world. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. If you don't want to call you can tweet me at the Pony Express pony spelled P O and I, You can tweet us at CBS Sports Radio. Here's Erica Herskowitz with the latest sports update..

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