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Not going to be a wind container in a Breeders Cup turf, but it is interesting. Going forward. Oddly, enough. He's probably the leader in the clubhouse because he won multiple grade lungs which no letter turf wars is done this year that probably the leader in the clubhouse Lord Zoa we'll see what he does in a cup. We obviously know he can. He can shit. Well, I'm he's been consistent throughout his career team do a lot of things. It really knows he is such a confusing. Sources I was I was pretty impressed. Oh, by the runner up, macario German horse obviously didn't know much about him but each did some good things over in Germany and I put in a really strong performance year some you know. Any horses we see once a month in these kinds of races cross-border rock emperor highland skied will we're all well eaten? So that was interesting I don't think I, counted out. Sit Down Akeem until the breeders. Cup. So that's probably the worst the more coming out of race purity. Use such a EAS yielded more consistent A. Kind of perfect. At least American. So macario detonated be nice. Of course, we can't we can't go. A race like this, mentioning Stadler's joy running another guit thirty or placing a great one picking checks. And getting to the next race bell degree to Kelso Major Breeders Cup Dirt Mile Implications on the line and complexity. Get back to Belmont Park where he's had successes passes career grade.

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