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Stephen. Now as we say every Dean Koontz Book it is so hot. Damn hard to pick Just even one quote. You know it's just so hard to find. Just even one quote that really encapsulates. The book I went with I have one short form. I don't know what you have. I have I got this one. So this is this is one a lot of people pick. This is kind of the iconic dialogue from the face This happens really early in the book. But it really sticks with you. I just think it's so poignant and like it holds a lot of literary wait for me So this is this. Is Someone Advising Ethan? Who is of course the ex detective who stopped being a detective when his wife died as we've all experienced and he gets kind of an ill omen speech from a one off character that no one mentions again This is this is the advice he gets. He says you need to eat. Well say prayers without fail each morning and night and avoid drinking strong spirits to its eastern responds. One problem drinking strong spirits is how I pray. God what a cool fucking dude. I mean. Fuck Dude. And he's in my top three cool dude. It's like him Arnold Schwarzenegger and shadow the Hedgehog for sure just drinking strong spirits is how I pray you know get Phoenix your favorite..

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