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Asked myself as i got thinking about this more seriously and again in my career as a as a russia student observer i've kind of stayed away from jewish issues partly because i'm a jew partly because they didn't interest me as much as larger political issues but this has become a really big political issue and the what is the meaning of it to summarize well first of all there may be a kind of fascist neo nazi revivalism in many countries from europe to the united states but ukraine is different to repeat the point there is a major well armed neo nazi movement in a major pivotal european country that is the political geographic epi center of the new cold war this is new and there flaunting their flaunting the fact steve they have you mentioned the candlelight the torchlit parades but they promote they promote major war criminals stefan bandera comes to mind immediately as a man who collaborated with nazis and murdered jews their organizations they're the organization of ukrainian nationalist un fly their flags from various monuments and castles throughout ukraine so they not only have revived neo nazism or fascism anti semitism they boast about it and they push it into the media and merica or the american governments have been willfully blind to what we're vouchsafing.

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