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And a you know how much I love my own? State. Beers baseball team I mean they. They're one of the most successful programs and in recent history. So we have two guys from championship teams from School, championship teams have made two majors and one. was just called up to your Milwaukee Brewers, Drew Rasmussen as a pitcher threw a perfect game and a no hitter and another no hitter in college. So congratulated him nick magical who has taken number three over the all the major league jasmine's a couple years ago he is with the white sox planes very well. So just the big shout to. My fellow beavers and keep on the good work. Gentlemen. Luck, we can appreciate that for the Milwaukee brewers we know they need pitching. Big Time so We'll need that throughout the year. Hopefully, this kid can come up make difference for the brew crew. And the major league level. So we'll see if that happens my parting shot, I got a couple of them real quick ones first and foremost to those Arizona, coyotes continue doing what you do. Darcy Camper. You're a stud you're unbelievable. The way you stand on your head game in a game out for the coyotes given them an incredible shot at winning games. It's remarkable man you're unbelievable and I. Thank you for watching you on TV because it's fun to watch and then also to the Milwaukee Bucks Man, this is your shot. Let's see what you got man you know. A lot people down on you. Where the rubber meets the road..

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