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Right throws deep Delafield. He's got Tyree killed inside the Raider 45 44 for a first down Damon Arnett on the Stop, but a nice play designed They're in a nice pass Bible homes he finds tiebreak. Kill for 14. Had another Kansas City first down Las Vegas Raiders defense all thought it was gonna be a run. It was a boot coming back to the right hand side. Terry kill when it's third and short like that. You have to play off on him. Because if he gets behind you could be a touchdown trips left single band right the homes of the gun on first intent from the Raider 44. Wrinkle goes in motion from left to right. Edward Z Layer is lined up to the homes left. Here's the snap. Mahomes fakes the handoff throws of the slant left side, and that's caught Patrick Mahomes with a fastball and Tyree kill, pulls it in. Devon lost it on the stop down inside the 40th the 38 yard line back of a throw and catch a gain of six. I mean, that was awesome Catch! Lawson was all only I mean, that was what you always say. A great throw Always be two really good coverage and it does again. Boy. That was a perfect throw A Tyree killed just reaching out its snatching that one on his fingertips. Second down. Four. Now from the Raider 38 Yard line. Evolves will go under center. Two receivers left single man Tyree killed with right Edwards. The lair remains in There is the running back. Four down linemen for the Raiders. Here's the snap homes back handoff. Edwards. He later spins out of attack of a lot of scrimmage cuts between the hash marks and he's down to the 35 yard line. So that'll be a game of three yards, another third and one coming up Arctic key made to stop for the Raiders. Now we're seeing the elusiveness and the power of Clyde Edwards. He layers so far, this chief's opening drive. I mean, he was hitting the backfield, he spun back. Into the middle of the office of line and found a way to gain yardage. Third down in the yard. Now for the Raider 35 8 play of the Kansas City drive. They'll stack two receivers to the right beholds his back of the shotgun with Edwards. He later to his left graders walking players up toward the line of scrimmage. Chiefs will send him an emotion from left to right. Here's the snap of the homes fakes. The handoff looks to his left rolls left Rose short that side that's caught by Kelsey, and that's gonna be incomplete. Kelsey had his hands on it. But David Arnett laid the hit on kills. He couldn't hang on to it. Now It's fourth of yours. You don't see Travis Kelsey dropped too many balls. But give credit to David Arnett. Applying the pressure Kelsey unable to hang on to the chief's not surprisingly well go for it on fourth down. Arnett did a great job of tackling the arm of the ball was at to make that ball pop out. Travis Kelsey, chief this year five of 10 on fourth down conversions. Meanwhile, the Raiders have given up nine of 11 trips to the right. Holmes is in the shotgun takes the snap. He rolls to his right throws. That side. Got hell Wide open makes the catch it he's got a first down as he steps out of bounds on the near side line at the 29 yard line. All the homes that quick roll. Tyreek Hill was all by himself again. A six and another first down for Kansas City. A lot of moving pieces in that fourth.

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