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From the opening moments, President Trump repeatedly interrupted Joe Biden. Told lies about Trump's own tax payments. Biden's healthcare plan, the environment voting by mail on last night's debate was almost impossible to watch and did little to shed any light on anything other than the fact that the president of the United States is a bully and a psychopath. Yeah, one of Trump's own debate, advisers governor Chris Christie said. Well, he came in to her. He was just too hot should have backed off a little bit afterwards, Jonathan Martin of the Times wrote. The president's bulldozer style tactics represented an extraordinary risk for an incumbent who's trailing Mr Biden, in large part because voters including some who supported him in 2016 are so tired of his never ending attacks and Outbursts. That's an interesting take. I think a lot of people who did support him or at least we're tolerant, have become intolerant of him because he never stops. It just never stops with the B s. And and people over get in. And if they watch that last night, they just go. Man. That's exactly what the problem is right there. Yep. Anne Applebaum of the Atlantic wrote the point of Trump's performance in that debate was to undermine confidence in the election and in the democracy itself. He didn't care whether he wanted debate or not, and wants to make everything uncertain. He's running against the election. He's not running against Joe Biden. Yeah, but you know his wife was there. As was Joe Biden's wife, and they were both dressed resplendently. Um, now Melania Trump. She opted for Ah, lovely, very expensive pin striped suit with a crisp Aah! Button up shirt white shirt. Her outfit was around $383,800. People figured Ah and She was. It was Christian Louboutin pumps. Ah, And now Jill Biden also dressed quite well. She was wearing a $995 black and tan Valentino rock stud sling back. A pair of shoes. I know. How do you pay $995 for a pair of few? I don't or $695, or I just don't know. I could explain it, but it would hurt your head. Just I mean, I go for comfort and I go for well, These aren't comfort Does nothing comfortable? Well, I think No, that's what I've heard, though, is that they are, you know, how do you know? Yeah, I know. I've heard you are that's part of what you're paying for, is that they are comfortable and they're very fashionable. I've asked women who wear shoes that don't look comfortable. And that our expensive those don't look comfortable and they say, But they are thiss.

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