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Com. It's 12 42. Let's get a look at traffic and weather on the twos with Stevie. Thanks, Michelle. We've got three major problems. One is on the Northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. South bound. They had all lanes blocked between Quakertown and Lansdale. And they're now reporting that it is the left lane that is now blocked so people are finally getting by. And this is a north bound. You gotta slow down, too. They had the left lane blocked there for people that were responding to the incident again. This is an accident Northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike South bound. It's just south of Quakertown. Traffic is still jammed up in both directions. But don't keep an eye on this for you and let you know what's going on. Now we've got jammed traffic as well in New Jersey, on 2 95. North bound is where the delay starts Right around. 30 goes to Woodcrest Station. It's mainly off the shoulder with that vehicle fire but slow and then 95 north bound in Delaware. Traffic is jammed up from Let's say routes one and seven. Up to the approach of 1 41. You've got another accident. They're going to lose at least 10 or 15 minutes in that one right now back up in Philadelphia for the Scougall Expressway, westbound jammed university to 30th Street. That's the normal construction south on 95. The off ramp. Tara Mingo is blocked for long term construction traffic jams on City Avenue south bound south of Belmont. That's because of construction there and then on Westchester Pike in both directions, just west of Newtown Square. Traffic is jammed with construction. Also watch for a delay on for 22 westbound starts right after Santa Toga. And goes out to pretty much after the Lynnfield on ramp or linear Limerick, Lynnfield on ramp, but it does stretch a little bit more toward Reuters forward right now. Mass Transit Things are looking good in the k y w News Radio 24 hour traffic Center. I'm Stevie Stevie. Thanks so much. Let's get the forecast sponsored by Nolan Painting, NBC 11th Alert meeting Just blend hurricanes for lots of sunshine and not much wind for a while. We've got.

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