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You want your vote you have to say you want your meat mountain denali style did not and you can ask c can scale it you can add some surf to the eight types of turf the fish is the only other protein item that's that's not on it so you have to ask for the bacon and the fish yeah so you want the meat mountain and you wanna denali style i still don't know how you would eat that after deconstructed it's i mean it looks jam it right in there you take the palm of your hand when you put it on the table and you just push it down squish the sandwich we're talking on x ninety six radio from hell so i'm gonna suggest the richie goes and has a couple of meat mountains if that stop i think that'll stop him up big big meat usually will stop you stop you up if you have big meat okay that's a good place to end thank let's see we're still still still dylan yes you're in utah we're still dillon with that crash eastbound sr to a one seventy five hundred west left lane is closed there they said it will probably be until nine o'clock before that one is cleared up crash southbound washington boulevard at first south in weaver county left lane is closed there but still looking pretty good other than that somebody in the text stream says crash northbound banger just before thirty first south they sent that in via text at three three nine eight six apparently arby's has had the meat mountain for while the new edition is that you can get it with the fish filet o again you have to ask her the meat mountain and it is available we're getting people saying that they had it somebody says just eat anne murray you won't poop for a week that meal ready to eat food that.

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