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Lisboa Plateau deputy editor at the verge and reporter on the. Musk beat how did he long become the person he is today. Can you tell me a little bit about his childhood. Oh Yeah I could definitely tell you about his childhood. So he's he's born in South Africa his parents split. He stays with his dad after the divorce. His Dad by all accounts counts is not a great guy and so he has kind of this rough home life and he's not doing that well with his peers at school either. What do you mean by that at one point? He was beaten so badly by his schoolmates that he was hospitalized. I mean. He was bullied so he grows up in South Africa. I mean he now lives in the. US How did he end up there. I moved to Canada and then he moved to the US and in both cases it had to do with going to school. He went to college essentially and his family is actually actually Canadian right. I think his mother might be Canadian. Sorry I like plugging that in. Their people should know so i. He goes to Canada Canada and I think he's at Queen's University which is in Ontario and from there he moves on to the University of Pennsylvania. where I think. He got dual degrees in economics. Physics all right and at this point is he already thinking up businesses that he wants to Creator you know whereas whereas my net yeah I mean so. There's I mean the economics degree suggests to me that he's already thinking about business but there's also some anecdotes in leave ANZUS biography about him like hosting parties where he didn't necessarily drink but he sold people drink. Cups made a bunch of money that way so it seems like you know this is something that he's he's been thinking about from the jump so anyway he he leaves Penn in Nineteen ninety-five and gets accepted it into a PhD program at Stanford University in California in physics. But as he's going out there you may remember around this time. There's the internet boom and so he's in this program for. I think like two days like literally. Today that's before he drops out uh-huh decides to launch his first company which is called Zip to okay. What's too so it was sort of an early? The attempt to get newspapers online. Believe it or not but anyway This gets acquired by Compaq for something like three hundred million dollars. There's in nineteen ninety nine and with this money must goes on to co found x dot com an online financial service and a payment company. What exactly was launched vision for that company? It was one of the first online banks as far as I can tell. Musk wanted to challenge the banking industry he wanted to disrupt banking so this is an ATM. We're going to do is transformed traditional banking industry. I do not fit the picture of a banker. Raising fifty million dollars is a matter of making a series of phone calls and the money is there you know. It wasn't a a small scope type of deal that musk was working on. But what happens is x dot com winds the merging with infinity. which is the startup by guy? Peter Thiel you might hurt him anyway. conformity has a money. Transfer Service called. Pay Pal. They this is where there's some friction Because you know you on mosque really has this idea for an extensive banking service US and he. He wants x dot com to be something much bigger than that. And there's sort of a fight about branding because he wants the branding for pay pal to be. I pay pal brought to you by acts and pretty much everybody else is like people like and recognize. Pay Pal they don't know what acts is Let's just let's just make it pay pal so at this point. It must doesn't like the fact that that the company that he was working on the name is getting a raced. Yeah I mean basically. It's a sort of a question of scope right like do you want to focus on these online payments or do you want to do something much bigger and must get pushed out so that they can narrow the scope and focus on these online payments. And I from the former. CFO OF PAP- house at something like it would have killed the company if you had stayed on as CEO for six more months must got kicked out of pay pal. Essentially is what you're saying. I mean he was still on the board but yes he was he was fired as a CEO. How do you think that impacted him? I think that getting kicked out had a pay pal was a formative experience for him because it seems to speak to the way that he controls his other companies. There's a bunch of anecdotes of him. I'm talking about how much he doesn't like public companies. Because you can't really control things and you can't really have a long-term vision and I think that after his experience at pay pal it must decided okay like I need to be in charge of my own companies in such a way that I can't be removed like this again. How was Elon? Musk perceived at that point like who was he in the world of of business in the world of tech I think he was sort of perceived in the way that most executives are perceived. which is you know you're known within your own circle but you're not necessarily a household name so he is not the guy that we know today? No He's definitely not and you can see. There are some mm early interviews with him where people are talking to him. He's like doesn't have the same kind of media savvy he later develops and it's like seeing A Proto Yulon. Musk ask a lot of the stuff that we see later is already there But it hasn't quite developed. Do you have an example of of guests his media media clumsiness at the time I'm I'm thinking of a specific interview and I wish I could remember. There's one with him and his then wife and they're you know talking about how their life hasn't really been changed that much by this money except that they bought a nice car and its him showing off his car Which is called McLaren F one? It's a million dollars for a car. It's it's It's Oh yes yes I know exactly what interview you're talking about. This is actually a pretty famous interview. Where where he just seems like kind of I don't know he hasn't doesn't fully settled into his new life? He's a little bit awkward. He just seems like he's also beaming right. He's really proud of this car. He's thrilled thrilled out of his mind. Nine completely. It's actually pretty well but just three years ago. I was showering and the at the Y.. And Sleeping on the office floor and now obviously GonNa Millionaire car and quite a few creature comforts. Okay so I'm glad you actually brought up his wife and everything so musk also got married in two thousand for for the first time right to just steam..

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