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This week show on back from austria run camp tomes back from park run conferences a staggering you record about graham rand bread lana looks at the top marathons in the first half of twenty teen sogno sullivan's door to following in mom's footsteps we're joined by angie andrews who captained team marathon talk at the london relay and runner tragedy and vegan than wickham you rate run stand on the podium week here in the world and climb aboard the launchpad oh tom williams taken four hundred forty four episodes for me to go episode four four four all the force i know beautiful and on for the no i mean that's it we stopped right now when it's coming home that definitely means hashtag is coming home it must be if only in nineteen sixty six to three not real now but if i was thirty three and it was up so three three three then definitely sign i think he's definitely line there's lots of signs that many signs anyway back good did you miss me dade holly say the secret word yes i know they will seek over jeans she sutton and she go in yep i have been in austria for the last week rally gotten and lanting yeah really good goofing around well generally hosting a group of american talk campus you know what we did have a good time i googled the weather as you do before you go when you go anywhere away and of course it's being balmy mediterranean here isn't it eight was i'll tell you what i'm not whether mona i didn't like ten moan about the weather but i'm joan we wish it would rain the flowers need to the flowers need the winter too we've got the worst windows in our house the worst double glazing windows three windows.

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