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You again. Talking about the live. Mike talking about this pittsburgh steelers next opponent that one being these cincinnati bengals on the heels of that crushing loss to the las vegas raiders. Yes i know. It's hard to find a little bit of positives right now but that's exactly what we're going to do in today's show. We always look ahead to the next opponent and figure out some positive and why the pittsburgh steelers will be victorious in cincinnati. Bengals first and foremost looking at this week's matchup. I think the most important thing to keep in mind the pittsburgh steelers should be considerably healthier this week against the bengals than what they were against. The vegas raiders. Now promos with last week's game and one of the reasons. Why were so positive is there wasn't all these factors wing against the steelers. We didn't know about these injuries until friday and they continue to leak through into saturday our sunday. Excuse me afternoon. When the steelers and raiders eventually played on the positive side here. Joe haden devon bush and even tj water all expected to be back. It kind of sounds like all three should be back in a. That's what they're used to. Playing one hundred percent of the snaps. We will of course see those status kind of go on throughout the entire week. So yes we may want to hold her breath right now. But on the surface the pittsburgh steelers will be healthier when they had into this matchup with the cincinnati bengals. The second thing that i think is extremely important here to throw is that joe borough was rattled the last time the pittsburgh steelers faced off against him in that one and only matchup before he had that horrific knee injury a year ago and on top of that. The bengals oftens of line. Wills are still there. joe borough was relentlessly. Beat up a week ago by the chicago bears. Of course pick six him. Just taking interception off. Interception of joe borough everything just doesn't seem quite right with cincinnati and until they fix their offense online. I anticipate that continuing to be the status quo. Getting tj watt back in the lineup having cam hayward of course doing what he's been able to do these first. Couple of weeks. Melvin ingram. we've seen him make a huge impact for the steelers. and of course. Alex highsmith is applied. Some pretty good pressure on his part as well. This steelers front seven should be able to recap acc in that backfield rattle joe borough once again. Continue to get him off his game during those interceptions which is something. He did quite often when he was in the lineup. Of course the steelers did fall to the bengals late last season. I can't even remember that. Quarterback's name i don't even know if he's in the league anymore but of course the steelers losing to their backup quarterback a year ago when it was a it was a tough pill swallow in the worst games. I think i've ever seen the steelers. And ben rothlisberger play but thankfully they're not in cincinnati. It is not the freezing. Cold of winter is heinz field. And they'll be able to kind of take a breath relax a bit. They have to play the game. First and foremost they have to play their game and not do what they did against the vegas raters. But everything is there for the taking. Like i mentioned this pass rush should be able to wreak a little bit of havoc in the backfield and what that should lead to is the steelers linebackers and they're secondary being able to force turnovers. Still of course have not had an interception yet on this young season. Two games in zero interceptions. Nothing for joe haden. Nothing for being fitzpatrick seemed goes cam sutton at the list. Goes on in kind of anticipate that to street coming to an end. This game we know. Of course how good the steelers defense is so smacking jober around a little. Bit shooed can lead to some of those turnovers that we really haven't seen despite how good the defense has played kind of anticipating on that level. Where the defense defensive players make some place fly around get the ball back and let the offense at play with a little bit less kind of kind of feel better field. Position is basically what i'm trying to say be able to move. The ball shorter distances. Because we know how much steelers offense has struggled. Two weeks into the year past that defensively. I think there's a quite a few things. Steelers will be able to do and continue their success against the bengals which we've seen in recent years first and foremost patterson pass pass rushers past the defensive backs being able to turn turn bad throws into turnovers. I just think the steelers match up well against the receivers and tight ends and running backs of the cincinnati bengals do. I anticipate them to be able to like mismatch them in dominate them physically. Obviously not this is the. Nfl players are all up to the same level. The same standard but for this game specifically. I just kind of like how the steelers defensive backs lineup with the bengals receivers and of course joe mixing out of the backfield bengals really. Don't have that big play tight end that you have to worry about the have three really. Good receivers and tyler boyd you. She plays pretty well. Against the steelers t higgins has never really done anything against this team Jomar chase of course kind of the new wrinkle. But he's not kind of set the world on fire by any means. I think the steelers have the manpower to slow down. This receiving core this tight end group and the guys like joe mixing. They have in the backfield. There just really. Isn't anything completely jumping off the paper. That worries me.

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