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The phones have been ringing nonstop last hour we had from the pet food institute. Mary Emma young. She's the head of communications there. The pet food institute is a lobbying group, run by, oh, pretty much the top one, two, three, four. I'm going to say 20 major pet food companies. And as I mentioned last hour, it's a $29 billion a year industry. They consist of or this organization consists of about 98% of the food that's out there. And treats. You know what, I was in my newsroom, working on my stuff when I listened to your interview with Mary Emma. And to me, it sounded very political. I wanted to say that she sounds like she's representing a candidate or something. And I mean, I know she's none of the line to defend herself right now, but I'm not attacking her. But just that I felt like, you know, she does a very good job of representing the pet food industry. Well, it's her job to spin it. Exactly. I kind of say that, you know, there are good foods out there, and these are foods that are made by small mom and pop companies. Yeah, they can't compete with the big guys. Should we get all the advertising out there? But they're getting their food locally sourced and they know where it's coming from as opposed to these companies that are getting it from the same place. And if it's tainted, then everything. And we learned that in 2007 that everything is being sourced from the same place. So all of those foods you see on the shelf, when you walk into petco or PetSmart or your local independent store, mostly made by the same manufacturers. So last night, I checked out a film and it's over there on Netflix..

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