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People helping and giving tips which we like to say if you have any kind of or anything call nine one one or the marshals because people are just sending me or her family attack texting oh i saw her here but they're not calling that in now lilley was reported missing after being seen may night that the federal way transit center she was with christopher fitzpatrick and maria accounts they will face kidnapping and sex abuse charges in lily's disappearance king county's annual one night count of homelessness found more than half of homeless people were sleeping outside versus an shelter with a stark increase in the number of vehicle campers the county has announced an overall four percent increase in the annual snapshot count of homeless people to twelve thousand one hundred and twelve the seattle times reports the count conducted in january found a worsening problem of people living in tent camps cars rv's and on the street compared to last year more than seventy percent of the county's unsheltered homeless people were in seattle there is a positive news in the new homelessness figure including significant drops in the numbers of homeless veterans and families frank lenzi komo news well what began as a day of target shooting ended with a fatal accident over memorial day weekend komo's eric heintz reports the victim was a twelve year old girl sydney darnell her mother and her mother's boyfriend were target shooting north of alum on sunday the kittitas county sheriff's office reports the mom's boyfriend saw the girl put the twenty two caliber rifle she was using down while checking the target the loaded gun still had the hammer cocked man tried to lower the hammer to make it safe but the gun fired at sydney walked in the path of the bullet and she was shot in the head helicopter flew here to harborview medical center in seattle shoes taken off life support on monday eric heintz komo news a three year old boy pricked his finger on a dirty needle in a port angeles park the boy founded on the ground just feet from dream playground now his mother kristen rutherford.

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