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Know that i need that or like this. And let you. That's not really my. That's not really helped me. So an example is like. I didn't know until this moment that i really like stuffed animals. Like i really like stuff like yes not bad like like what is it. Being back i saw my friend was like. Let's you know she. She said you likes nevada. Said why would i edited. Now like i know so anyways at the beginning i didn't really know but i was kinda unintentionally. Were kind of reflecting about some of those things and so one of my friends are really did i. You know saying that like we are have already kind of a different community together where we can have conversations yet to expand one another but some people don't have the capacity time or not what they want so high but we do a forum that has something on there as a reference point for people who haven't had to think about it. yeah. And i'll just click away and then there is something that we're not thinking about on the list like they could add something So the amount of people that like click stuffed animals. I was surprised now. I know. I know that's the thing And i mean. I think the other thing that i just wanna say on top is that you know what we did we. It was just like five people. It wasn't like we were with the organization or whatever it was just like us. You know a google form and sometimes you know we were only able to give out maybe five care packages and a week or something and maybe another. We gave out like twenty. You know it just. It looks so different yet. You know then like thinking about it has to be this machine and a institution and then the big you know it was really small like willie intimate and i think at times that made it better because people were getting like direct attention. You know we still have. We still have some that. We need to give out that. We weren't able to give out 'cause we had to go back to work right now and so we still have so for most of the year. I still had care packages at my apartment. A go and i still have now. That i'm trying to figure out how to give out the summer. You've spoken to a reality of many things. And i guess one of which i want to on because we've talked a little bit was what she said about bhanot or that. You didn't know this while you're working. You're probably burnt out while you working and and didn't know even that that was happening or particularly that what might be happening and so one of the things that of also come to realize this past year is that resilience is a lot even about rest and the permission to allow yourself to this and allow yourself to feel of a lawyer softer. No actually a categories the frontlines. Today i might be better suited to be into house in pajamas and keeping up with things on social media or actually be off line. And what jerry. But you also talked about. And i think many people of color many black people don't that they are deserving of wrist and because most of the times rest in self-care have looked like a privilege..

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