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Like where you come when when they came out. They were out playing and I walked out to the bench just to watch him and they all stopped and looked at me with their eyes like deer in the headlight going. Who's he gonna take off now? Here's a question for you. Is it easier? At home or easier on the road. As far as as far as the protocols and you feeling comfortable with what everybody's doing. It's easier at home because I have more resource is at home. You know, we have our own testing here. Our physicians air here. We have our hospitals. You know, we have more protocols available to us. I like Russian myself. We've just kind of taken on a roll that when we travel, we try not to rely too much on the visitors. Really? For anything we bring all our own stuff. We take care of ourselves and we try to be as low maintenance on the road as we can. It's tough going in. And when you're out there for 10 days, and you don't have your doctors there, and you don't have your testing capabilities. You're at the whims of other people. So when Frank wants to know Well, what are we gonna test? I'm like I've got to ask and see when they could fit us in. You know, I can't give him a Exact time. Where's here? I could just go. Hey, we're going to clock because the resource is air here, you know, so I would say Home is easier to manage the protocols. But You just kind of do what you have to do to get it done, and that's what we do. And I'm Working on what we're gonna do this next 10 days I've got to bring in Some health and George Nelson because we're running into a little more trouble than we had in the last time, And it's just this is stuff you gotta deal with. I mean, that's life. You know, there's always gonna be challenges that you have to find a way to make the answer. So that's where it is What it is. Therefore, stranger, Marshall, Thanks for coming on No problem. All right way were Marcie was talking to Joe about These players that it used to be so active and everything, And so you and the coaches have had to kind of deal with that in the last two weeks. I want to talk to you about that. But first we need to take a break. We'll come back. We'll pick it up with Joe Doyle, the associate head coach, Frank's territory, J. Richard, We just heard from trainer Eric Marsh on the Air Force hockey coaches show on the Air Force Sports network from their field. I MG college presented by U S A. Me. Me. Me, me, me, but also you the Pharaoh fast forwards His favorite foreign film,.

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