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Yates mcclay hello there. Hey what's going on. Football is back. Finally two as well mornings to find you and daniel here to hey buddy. Good morning it's going to use it is. It is a great day today. We've all been waiting for for a long long time. Yeah i stay with no matthew. You're talking about point played. Yes we do have football back tonight. The bucks and the cowboys kicked the season off. We have so there were two hundred and fifty six games. In a previous seasons we add sixteen more two hundred and seventy two regular season games ahead of us over the next eighteen weeks. Of course it begins tonight and concludes week. One monday night football. Espn just one week. One monday night football game this year. That is the ravens traveling cost across the country. To play the raiders. I tell you. I love those double header monday night. Football games sleep schedule. Glad there's only one totally seriously completely agree that one thirty go to bed time east coast brutal souls. We're going to preview the game tonight. We're gonna talk about some news and a variety of other things but let's begin to find you. It's week one. It is the first time. The teams are required to submit an injury report. The first day that we all have information to react to other than that bucks in cowboys injury report that has been taking place throughout the week because they played tonight and yesterday us. An actor did not participate for the chargers. We know about this. Well we know that austin equity plays fantasy football and so that's going to factor into this in a bit but let's start with the fact that he didn't practice and he was listed on the chargers injury report as a d. n. p. did not participate because of a hamstring issue. And i understand why people got nervous right. He missed six games last year with a serious hamstring injury. So you hear that and you get nervous but you need to remember that. Sometimes players don't practice and it's a proactive move. You know it could be as simple as he felt a little tightness. Or a little stiffness. Maybe a little soreness from the work. They've been doing the preseason they said do you know let's just take it easy and work on the side. They have to put it body part there so potentially that's part of it. We also know that nearly half the players get a d. n. p. on wednesday are full participants by friday so with more days to go in the week. Let's not worry too much about this. But most importantly most importantly austin tweeted about three hours before the official injury report came out. So i'm guessing it was right before practice. He tweeted a picture. You know video clip of himself going through some various moves and then said never been more ready or excited. I think those were words carefully chosen by a guy who understands that fantasy. Football managers might be paying attention. Okay that's great news. And i'll just say this so i'm just gonna peel the curtain back a little bit onto what happened last night because a lot of people were wondering what to do if they were having a last minute. Draft last night was the war room league draft. Lots of you are familiar with it because we talk about it. Frequently on this podcast. There are sixteen teams made up a variety of espn individuals. Including the most plugged. In people in the business chris mortenson adam schefter and the like and austin made it all the way to pick fifteen last night mike because there was so little information available yes to find your reference that tweet that had caught people's attention and i had to pick i pick fourteen. He went one. Pick behind me a pick. Fifteen and i'll be honest with you. Mike is that there's some scar tissue from someone who last year had the third pick with the fourth. Pick in the league and took saquon barkley and i learned the perils of basically not having your first round pick available for much if not all the season and i passed on him but at the same time. If i find out today that even with that tweet that was sent out. Just prior to the injury report that he's gonna miss four weeks the problem so i think it more the conservatives really not so much about the people that have him already on their rosters like already drafted him because at some cost at that point i think really the people that were most concerned with those that had the draft last night that i made a mistake passing him. Well hold on. I'm gonna check that tweet here see if a follow up tweet. Tha dot dot dot marie. I'm excited to go dot dot dot in week five. Make sure he's thinking might be okay. Obviously we don't know right now. We're gonna see what happens today. I don't think it made a big mistake. Because you're still getting a really good player. Tony gibson you know. I love antonio gibson. So i think you're fine air with gibson. I understand being conservative with your first round. Pick our good friend matthew berry that's as writer die. And he went another direction to travis kelsey which is a great option so now that could be just as much about kelsey as it is not about echo of so. If you're drafting today still think he should be gone towards the. We'll say the one to turn. But if you have ecuador and you're concerned right now. Justin jackson is out there and quite quite said that maybe gets fifteen touches or so. They've josh kelley there. Larry rowntree the rookie but it would probably be jackson the main guy so if you are panicking when it throw them on the bench..

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