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Consumers can expect a consistent experience when listening to music making calls and using digital assistance. The way people work has changed a lot of course during the pandemic, and while many will return to offices once it's all over analysts predict that almost half of office workers are likely to continue working remotely at least part time after the pandemic eighty, three percent of all enterprise workload is expected to be in the cloud. By the end of the year that's a huge about this movement to the cloud isn't just business. A lot of learning has moved online ads gaming. So our PC's are just as important as our smartphones qualcomm Soman introduced the latest iteration of their snapdragon processors, how and how much we use our devices is expanding from virtual meetings to gaming using streaming platforms for entertainment and to do this ubiquitous high-speed and reliable connectivity. Fester uplink is essential. Five G. will be a critical part of the solution, and so we're Wifi six. We also need a new generation of devices with high quality cameras and audio for clear and crisp virtual presence by to power natural collaboration in an hints security too. That's why we have been working closely with Microsoft in other industry leaders.

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