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Worth of property but the clerk again I I question his judgment the caller from Charleston West Virginia the first, caller from Charleston offered. Some alternatives that the guy might have tried like writing down the, license number like shooting at tires if I would agree with, both of those is not a. Shooting the tires for the average citizen is probably. Not the the Well the average the average citizen wielding a pistol would not be capable of, hitting the tires that's. Right right but you know for all we know he might have, been aiming at the tires and hit the guy you know I'm a competitive shooter in the military now and I can tell you that's a, challenging job Yeah but. Yeah so anyway I guess you know I I really appreciate your show really pre-common your commentary and I, just wanted to say like maybe. If this, guy had been scared straight earlier in his life maybe you wouldn't be doing this you know At that time you know who. Knows but Thank, you very. Much for your time I appreciate I appreciate I appreciate your thoughts and we'll be back with. More calls, in a? Moment You know as, an allergy sufferer you're wired differently I sure feel that way that's why. There's Nasacort heats different to. You see unlike antihistamines nasal cord targeted. Inhibits more allergic inflammation that causes your congestion and other. Nasal allergy symptoms my antihistamine doesn't, do that none of them do that is different Nasacort more effective and giving you twenty four. Hour relief so even if I'm wired differently Nasacort? Stops more of what makes you miserable use as directed save more with..

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