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Bloomberg business app. And at Bloomberg quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. Many political pundits say his first two years have had their ups and downs. President Biden is marking two years in office on Saturday. Since his inauguration, the president has managed to secure several legislative victories, including the sweeping bipartisan infrastructure law, and the chips act to revamp high-tech manufacturing in the U.S.. However, his administration has also faced significant challenges, including grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis at the southern border, and historic inflation. Meanwhile the president has more recently been mired in controversy following the discovery of classified materials at his home and former office. This comes as Biden is expected to officially announce his bid for reelection in the near future. A new study shows recent fires in the Sierra Nevada forests in California, are the wrong kind. Has the latest research from UC Davis shows rates of high severity fires have skyrocketed since before the Euro American settlement data shows locations considered mid to lower elevations saw its low to moderate severity rate from 90% drop to around 60 to 70%. However, the high severity rate quintupled from below 10% to 43% and author of the study says the balance between good fire and bad fire is way off, prescribed burns would be an example of a good fire, as it's used to treat forests rather than damage them. And former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is over the moon with some exciting news, the oldest living moonwalker celebrated his 93rd birthday on Friday and announced he finally decided to marry his longtime love, doctor onca Fowler, the pair tied the knot in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles before Aldrin was honored by living legends of aviation for his impact on space travel, Aldrin released a statement announcing the wedding saying he and flower were as excited as eloping teenagers. I'm Jim Forbes. The Food and Drug Administration will not grant accelerator approval for an experimental Alzheimer's drug, the agency rejected Eli Lilly's application for quick approval of the drug, Donna mab. That's due to the limited number of patients who stayed on the drug for at least 12 months. The treatment has shown significant promise in previous studies. The drug maker says it plans to file phase three clinical trial data later this year for traditional FDA approval, an investigation is underway in Queens after a teenager was shot and an MTA bus was struck by a stray bullet Friday morning, Natalie migliore has more. No one on board the bus was injured, but a 16 year old boy was shot in the right shoulder and is expected to survive. The shooting happened along rockaway beach boulevard as many stores were starting to open for the day and Carl gaudette says he saw the aftermath. I'm in the

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