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That monuc that burma i'd like to punch you in in pti said about trump that model that burnham zillion no more not as a scorsese movie just with the world needs more glorification of violence robert de niro al pacino conducted by mahdi scorsese in a new movie again killing murder mayhem drugs crushing people and yet the biggest liberals on the planet anti gone antiviolence prowoman global warming anti trump that move that bum punshiment amount i'm not going to go to them movie i don't wanna see him anymore i am going to squeeze one more big big pay day out of and more violence you got that yet a man living sought the fi right that move that bomb almost ready giving a thanksgiving treat the robert de niro stupid now not yet chara whatever will move on oh you got it now he cannot look i'm a i'm a guy is very hard to be my boat operator i i could see a robber cracks up once in a while for the pressure released a what are legally sue he's a hunk is it a dog he a con artist much who doesn't know what he's talking about doesn't do his homework doesn't care thinks his gaming society doesn't pay his taxes he's an idiot colin powell set at best he said national disaster he's an embarrassment to this country it makes me so angry that this country has got to this point that this fool mold this bozo as wild up where he has taught us how he always hunch people in the face above well i'd like to punch him in the face egger he's just jealous he just jealous that he never won anywhere just fillon actor jealous the trump became president he's still an actor that all what does he think he's in a cafe on sullivan street with the boys are move the bummer that he's acting out a roll like this is crazy here's the attorney of all there's rob the niro putting down trump mark my words she'll be invited to the white house i won't trump will pick up a phone call had faster than a call me all right that's the way it is a moot 'gabon that so that's the world is in his life goes on i'll be.

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