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We all see right now and not all seen for years and years years. Um, but I think you know from from this team So are you saying Bruins in Boston Sports in general or yeah be gentle it could be someone who's just a legend around or who you know, whatever your kid from this area. You know, we know who the big names are. I mean, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, think you know a good Brad Marchand a great interview. I think I think he's a very interesting guy. He says things he's not afraid to say certain things off. He's someone that is very interesting. David krejci is a weird one game Creek doesn't talk much but he's never been afraid to really speak his mind about stuff. Like I remember a few years ago when I went to a bar as he talked to Joe Haggerty and said something along the lines of you already said something like there was like, yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of them going after jabbar's cuz I would have meant that crazy was of the door. So guys who aren't afraid to say things but don't always do that. I think are very interesting interviews. A lot of these guys stories have been told so it's a little tougher cuz it's not like new information to hear that Brad Marchand loves to hunt. Like we know that song. So yeah, I mean, don't think there's anybody in the Bruins right now that It'll come I'll be like asleep and it'll come to me. Okay? Oh this person. I mean, I think I think yeah, I think the guys I named Marshawn Bergeron, you know Rask off crude, obviously, but again a lot of these guys speak anyways, so they they're you know, they're they're open to begin with like don't oh, I am having a good sit-down like podcast with Tim Thomas right now, I think people would care about and I also think would be very interesting as it spoke. He spoke once in the past like six years, you know, he's out in a bunker somewhere in or you don't even really knows he's a horrible concussion issues. I think he would be a very interesting interview. So actually maybe my pick would be Jim Thomas. I would love that too because that is nice as I know Mark and Jim in the bunker and all that but it is I think it's been nice to I do that. They've reconnected. He's kind of come back and he's coming out and you know, yeah feeling wage. Speaking about things and kind of reconnecting to I guess those roots right? I mean, he was a great hockey. Yeah, he just kind of left and I'm glad he's doing better whenever so that actually be awesome too long to get you in on that that's going to be tougher than just go with the Bruins PR that's get some Thomas PR which is not very easy unfortunate but that is something would be very interesting..

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