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Maybe where the Stephens isn't gonna think you're gonna run, you know, I saw I watched the Philly Rams game a couple of weeks ago, and they ran on draw play on third and four there for like eighteen yards because in that situation they had their nickel defense on the field. Philly spread everyone out. There was just a three-man defence align Donald sue. And I think it was foul at the time. And they gassed them, you know, they just mantle man had on hat double team Donald pulled pulled one of their tackles at blocked sue out of the play in. There was seventeen yards there for Darren sproles to take. I think that that's going to be. Key is. Yeah, I hate running on second long. But if you can spread that defense out on second seven or second eight and then run that draw play or maybe even incorporate that quarterback, you know, sweep the QB draw the QB power those are ways that I think that you can really make that run game affective without running the ball thirty two times. Because like I said, if if you're a run thirty times, you're you're you know, you're you're giving up your giving up what you're trying to do. And I think that anyone in the NFL that knows how to play defense can adjust to that and say, we're just gonna let you run it right into our teeth for three or four yards then punt or kick field goals, and the we're going to get the ball back and score. So I don't want to don't want to run in a brick wall. That's all I don't want him to do agree. It everything you just said there as far as you don't wanna be stubborn. I don't think you can be stubborn or one dimensional against like, I said Wade Phillips defense. He kind of mentioned teams have had to throw the ball more than run. Because the Rams are so prolific on the offensive side that you can't just on run the football. But this is a game. I like what you said about running back in the I think this game. He got the you'd is his legs of it. More on getting second guessing at dome, not not make them think twice about committing to Zee on some zone reads and things of that nature. Saw a little bit of down the stretch against Seattle in it in at word to me deck. He's a guy that can run the football on Emec plays with his legs. We've seen it his rookie season. So info career he did a minute name for himself on that collegiate low. He's a guy that can do do you what him taking taint fifty years? Ain't no. But some here, and there I think in open this off until bit more in maybe in. As a result dole. Get some zeke's. Open running lanes gets to passing lanes over the middle to open up and things of that. And I think that could really hope is help this team moot..

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