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This hours down all dot com i'm wrong toronto north korea reportedly farther ballistic missiles early sunday details of the launch including that type of missed all are scant no immediate confirmation from the north which had recently warned it was ready to test the first inner cano ballistic missiles thousands a pro life activists demonstrated around the country today seeking to have the government de fund planned parenthood in front of the new york office of the abortion group john to choate she says the issues very personal fran nice one to be a voice for a little ones that a little once in a while we don't have a voice i just want to be that voice for them me personally i went through this as a man on the man side myself where my wife a well my girlfriend of time we had two abortions lynn parenthoods christina chang said the protest apparently have an effect on business it is disruptive it's crowded on the street you have to wind through crowd you know wasting to get into the door and lee's they have those of people are dead over one hundred injured after a magnitude six point five earthquake struck the southern philippines overnight the quake also knocked out power enforce the closer of the domestic airport injury go do to keep crack in the airports one one in addition to the year port several buildings including an update college a hotel in the shopping mall world damaged in their ago responded michael rubin says over a hundred aftershocks of himself a step back from request made by the obama administration in an ongoing lawsuit over bathroom rights for so called transgender students in public schools the department of justice has with drawn emotion asking that a temporary injunction blocking previous guys on the issue only applied to states showing the federal government texas and twelve other states are challenging the guidance and i stayed in eighteen twelve massachusetts.

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