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What did i do that myself and that's where you get to self judgment it right then yeah yeah that's kisha broker and katherine price talking about living with diabetes kisha has type two kathryn type one will hear more from them later on this illness can also affect your ability to get work you're not supposed to be fired because you have diabetes but will you get hired for a job in the first place alan you looked into it if you have thi bt's here in america there are some jobs you're probably not going to get you can't join the coast guard the army any branch of the military sometimes it's possible to get a special waiver but generally the policy is no right now the military can simply disqualify you if you have diabetes and the insulin adam roth in those this he's been rejected from several branches of the military because he has type one adams in great shape he'd already done the situps pushups the running the monkey boss to paul's the military's physical tests that the courses into you don't it doesn't make exceptions for diabetics everyone's treated the same right now he works into by that's where i reached him there is a lot of you know running around there's an obstacle course you're crawling under the barbed wire and you know the the the things that people see in movies one who to try to sneak him in i recall one recruiter telling me hey just don't tell them that your diabetic and then maybe they'll find out while you're already in and you'll be able to stay and you know i'm sure they had good intentions but you know obviously that would be i think criminal in in lying on my application did eventually get a job in law enforcement later he joined the security detail for the secretary of commerce he polices exports so he has a job that he likes but he still has to deal with other people imagine having diabetes is like one time several.

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