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Tom Ford, Director, Texas discussed on Monocle 24: The Cinema Show - Action! 07: Designing for Tom Ford


The tom ford's debut as a film director came with the kind of audacious confidence befitting of someone with such an impressive fashion pedigree when word emerged of a single man in two thousand nine predictions were well shall we say varied as if being the king of an eponymous luxury brand wasn't quite enough tom ford needs to be an artist to what many observers what expecting however was the tom ford might actually be a maostyle filmmaker too this is action on monocled 24 brought to you by the team behind the cinema sharm tom ford returned to the cinema last year with the visually lush and immensely on settling nocturnal animals described as a met him mystery thrilla the film partly takes place in dusty nightmarish texas while another story thread takes us to the hard shiny world of la's elite obscene from the heights of his profession as a fashion designer tom ford isn't exactly the kind of creative force often seen on the screen but imagine being a film designed professional thrust into the role of designing for one of the world's best known fashion designers well that's exactly how things transpired for shane valentino he starts now by explaining how his work on nocturnal animals reflects the inner tournament taking place inside the minds of the characters.

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Tom Ford, Director, Texas discussed on Monocle 24: The Cinema Show - Action! 07: Designing for Tom Ford

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