Republican Party, Stock Market, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


Yeah no i mean the the real irony of him is for all his complaints he he starves for he is starved every minute for that attack he loves being the center loves of attention and by the way i think this is one of the problems for the republican party going into november 'cause the truth is they've got a lot of things they can say i mean you know i don't agree with a lot of what he's done but the conservative judges the deregulation the tax bill you know he considered his base i pulled out of these global treaties i think that's these were bad may be disastrous decision but he did him and the economy a he he inherited a very strong economy and it's getting stronger he juice stood a little uh the stock market in particular with a tax cuts but the problem is he's still sits there in the thirties why because of him because of his behavior and that is a pathological thing that is an earn changeable thing and that's the reality that the republican party is staring at that they can't deal with a one thing that is holding their a his and their numbers back which is his own behavior i understand that would certainly affect him this year and effect the party but don't you think that once we get into a a an election cycle where it's trump against someone else you look at hillary clinton there was a lot about her deficiencies but they're still he seems to benefit a lot from this push did people feel went when i speak in different parts of the country i hear it all the time people don't like the media they don't like yeah if they don't like him they don't like the obsessive nece the tonnage.

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