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Does we're tracing the evolution of his of his career is multiple careers we do see that corruption is a larger theme or overarching and win win we're looking at the beginning of his involvement with the fbi it seems that it may have started around nineteen fifty eight or so is that correct did yeah i mean the first records in his file that show him cooperating with the fbi from nineteen fifty eight it's very sketchy about that three year period about what he was doing at that time but the very first incident that we know of that he acted in an informant role is in little rock arkansas during the aftermath of the school crisis there he comes into the field office with simeon booker this is very interesting because these were still the movement's early days simeon booker's huge journalist he worked for jet magazine you know he just recently passed away but but ernest through working with the defender and jet magazine got to know simeon and really trailed him you know throughout the south and the two of them come into the field office there and they're they're informing on james form you know now they're a movement icon in back at that time james foreman was just a schoolteacher who and the part time that he had would come down and start showing up at all these civil rights skirmishes and of course the fbi which is picking up this showing up on the radar is the views him very dimly he's associated with people with you know communist credentials he's viewed as.

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